Week 8

Mr. Paul “The Critter Guy” visited our class this week! He brought several different animals such as a tree frog, chinchilla, mouse, doves, starfish and a snake for the children to learn about, see and even touch.  Enjoy the photos!

Week 7

This week we really focused on numbers and letters.  We built and sorted letters using straight lines and curved lines. We also worked on the difference between letters and numbers. Please continue to work with your child at home. Helping them recognize both letters and numbers as well as understanding the difference between the two.

Week 6

The children have been showing a lot of interest in pumpkins and apples.  Because of this we decided to dive deeper into these two fruits.  We started by opening up the pumpkins and looking inside.  Most of the children enjoyed digging out the seeds.  Once the seeds were out, the children cleaned them, soaked them in water and finally we baked and ate them for snack!  We also made applesauce with our apples.  Ask your child about these two recipes! Which one did they like best?