March 1st

9:30 a.m.      Message Board رسالة المجلس
Click the link below to join the Zoom meeting!
Morning Message

Activity with my Grown Up
10:00 a.m.   
Please comple the W is for ________ paper that was sent home in your childs folder. They will be presenting it to the class during our 2:30 Zoom meeting!             
10:20 a.m.     Planning Time التخطيط: 
What will you play with today? What might you do? How will you do it? Talk with your grown up about what you plan to do!
10:30 a.m.     Work Time: لعب الاختيار الحر
You will play without electronics for at least one hour or more! Use your toys to pretend play, build, create. Have Fun! 
11:30 a.m.      Clean Up Time: نظفBe sure to put away all the toys and supplies you used during work time. 
11:40 a.m.       Recall Time تذكر
What did you do during work time? What materials or toys did you use? How did you use the materials/toys? What did you do 1st, next, then, finally? 
Talk with your grown up about what you did during work time. We know you were very busy working!
     11:45 a.m.  Story Time وقت القصة  and      Lunch
Click the link below to watch The Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish

12:20 p.m.     Rest time         وقت الراحة
1:30 p.m.      Outside Time في الهواء الطلق
Put on your coat and go outside to PLAY! 
How does the weather feel today?What animals do you see?Play with a ballRide your bike or scooter

1:45 p.m.  Music and Movement
Click the links below for some singing and dancing! 
Song:  Monkeys and Alligators
Movement:  The Freeze Dance
2:20 p.m. Use Restroom and get ready for Zoom                   time with your teacher
2:30 – 3:10 p.m.   Large Group Time                        وقت المجموعة الكبيرة     Zoom with your Teacher Click the link below to join
Large Group
Bring back your activity from the morning to share with everyone 

Welcome to Preschool!

Hello Families,

I want to welcome you all to my blog.  My goal is to update it weekly with pictures of what we did during the week as well as information regarding upcoming events.  I am looking forward to a great school year full of learning and fun.  See you all on Tuesday, September 21st at 9:00 for your child’s first day of school. Please remember it is a half day and pick up is at 12:00!!

Here is a link to the handbook.

First Day of School!

Folder.Monday الإثنين

_wM7ogSLp61-CBtnekBNjTcCJdtP88MIAUhA0mZDzyE_JE-D-drchaGD4IzPJxmKubS9GgrTY_zE-V_UdEhz-wb9IGetAZKgK87B9xYvgIH4ioOBApjC25gVJeeA85RgwVbPNiRKMessage Board رسالة المجلسWatch the morning message by clicking here: Morning Message Always do this FIRST!  
mFht1mtaz69-OynvaLmbcp1nPu8ryPysya_LxCqCzNT81SmGcDZNnjsAevunz4FGF748C8IfZlpmaGmaSwy5LcFEeVoJ9WPuFl1HOXrnuvGR2992_lZdpO1ZM7yqViZ_1y_f1N0sToday’s Zoom Schedule: جدول التكبير اليوم:Link to Meeting: 
10:00: Hamza
10:30: Aya
11:00: Hassan
11:30: Hussein
zC0y0V0HNz0kweAL8c0362PAswov3S6Y7-hr2vmjq5cTagfMbpBEeVDdkMbAp7nzTnZdtorWb_MPVpVLEbGHr_xNzRq-aFDOwwep5mVY24gahlkcnxZ3nSCCV7PO6_L0GlZ32zMoStory Time وقت القصةRead a story with a grown up or older sibling! 
Watch and listen to the story of the day. Click the link below! 
The Night Before Preschool
QOuF4Xhp_4UzR4VhCCtYXfDlsOdUf4obilT4C5FjnE5EfvDprHF5_wRoRlMaXadf-kSXX49xxD77rdku3wu7vAZeiX5GCzBSIgWxMBmhNxl-aXfuxYKDk75SE9VnY4pIL575OJImWriting Time وقت الكتابةPractice writing your name EVERYDAY for
about 5 minutes! 
* Parents, this maybe just one letter a day, or a
first name, etc. meet your child at their level!
zvb4ajNvObiwFULIotf2xJVO3You_dqus5lSbVOwA3JIpTjXD-QjjZ_5t-krBscV6rLNSxMHVpw2zmJRiQmW204TQF_9u0i9_qMGX48xW8wipqDvXYc-gi_ZV5TXKLE_cKTRYTFtMusic & Movement الموسيقى والحركةSong: ABC Song Pop See Ko, dance and follow along!
BW4gg21xZ7zh7I3ydmcYegUSjeNln_grulrc70RAnvnC9rsGo7CHF-UQW6zYYD0tQET0FgFPbqjnL8IuvmxD_ev_izTqm_bWYJGvuTnYjX_d7xd0xLDLjv2cgakgdG_EjX3FezK8fhusWEY8-vP6mMP-P9MkUH9tHOOxeuvGH4Y2WF6WbkWiESax_DNdfo1Ys26LLKgtX6xyrUxn_X6MGMj9ZHxHwOTBZB3DpS5qU73kZZtKHYuS3TXXUYl_u3K3FfuIF249NjfeoA5OPlanning time التخطيط: What will you play today? What might
you do? How will you do it? Are you going to play with toys
or use your imagination? Talk with your grown up about what
you plan to do!
Work time لعب الاختيار الحر: Free choice play, no technology,
60 mins or more! Have Fun!
BZ6vmMn-MqZOyYt3uCA7E5kBTlRwhA6bdWeCuFUXkQGzrEPUrQwEPkm7pSqM2bgk8lLYR8w6FhvMUgc71mp1OYrGiEb2CvyRgiz5cNEo7N745zp9Zb5QdJ0hJq2nYbU6i5bn894vCp8Dvf8SvjHuPYXVO9__9nVOkyJ2LMXxH9i6yk-cF-cYKQlMbJSh4QFJcGiBVw0FnyQwqdIKjXm8SaPVUptb_LiTu9158lUmM1bkxNj6x9qQ97n5UnL4e8yMPqbP_tGU6nOEuHGRClean up time نظف: Be sure to put away all the toys and
supplies you used during work time. 
Recall time تذكر: What did you do during work time? What
did you enjoy or not enjoy? What could you do differently?
Talk with your grown up about what you did during work time. 
7tT-7ubCz2EioqjioFKzen8J8dOPglhYybQsL5satJ52ya7HkMAjiOvBS6kf7DYWCRx5d76L23cCIkuCrLPrnrTbqJyFD5YrYWINth-QZpisaTup6XRM_tkXP4ymM-tnhEk9TaGsOutside Time في الهواء الطلقGo outside and PLAY! -draw with chalk if you have some-take a walk with an adult -ride your bike -play tag or hide n go seek -bounce a ball 
svHnJdkcgM9GKHVxZbLUL9C2x4uMYYS8IzB61RlpXRwiIz8vgyTu4KvisoZxilxYTWwPGTyn4x_AHDEGQFQqHVnDEIpPnDT8m_oHgg8SmMHycbRNJkSHINX4QGvmzS2Yl4epJCJnDaily To-Do Task مهام يومية: Materials: 1st page of journal (use the back of the first one) and crayons or pencil 
 Draw a picture of yourself. This is called a self portrait. Only YOU should be in the picture. Look in a mirror to help you if you need to! Remember to turn to the first page of the Journal. Please only use the first page, if you would like to continue coloring, use other paper!  *Parents: allow your child to draw it how they want. I am not looking for perfection, I am looking to see what they can do for themselves.   You will be using the journal and the crayons to make your self portrait! Click the video link to watch Mrs. Hancock explain the lesson.  سوف تستخدم المجلة و.أقلام التلوين لرسم صورتك الذاتية! اضغط على رابط الفيديو لمشاهدة السيدة هانكوك وهي تشرح الدرس   

Get out your journal and crayons.   
2. Turn to the first page of the Journal, and draw a line to divide the paper in half.
Draw a picture of yourself on the top of the page.
Try to write your name or draw your letter link on the bottom.
When you’re finished, click the microphone picture below to take a video or record your voice telling us about your picture! Family note:The picture may be scribbles, lines, shapes, or look like a person. It is ok if your child’s picture is not perfect, we want to see what they can do on their own!)

 Be sure to upload a picture or video into the “Submit Assignment” area on the right side of your screen. Thank you!

Free Meals Over Summer Break!

Dearborn will continue offering free student
meals over summer
ستواصل مدارس ديربورن تقديم وجبات مجانية للطالب خالل فصل
Free student meal distributions will continue throughout
the summer at seven Dearborn Public School sites.
The district has been distributing the free grab-and-go
meals since shortly after the Governor ordered schools to close
in March. That program is slated to end on June 10, which is
scheduled to be the last full day of school in the District.
However, Dearborn Schools received permission to
continue serving free meals through the summer under the U.S.
Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program.
The summer meal distribution will be once a week on
Wednesdays starting June 17. Food will be handed out every
Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon at the seven locations. Each
bag will contain seven breakfasts and seven lunches for each
child under the age of 18. Each child will also get a half gallon
of milk.
The distribution locations will continue to be Fordson,
Dearborn and Edsel Ford high schools, Woodworth and Smith
middle schools, Salina Intermediate, and McCollough/Unis
One person can pick up food for any child living in the
home. The child does not need to attend that school.
The District has recently been providing 65,000 grab-andgo meals a week for children in the community. Those meals,
which include lunch and breakfast, are funded through the
U.S.D.A. School Lunch Program. Dearborn used that program
to offer free lunch and breakfast to all its kindergarten through
12th grade students before the school closure in March.
“We know our families appreciate the student meal
distributions, and we are glad to be able to continue to offer
children these meals during the summer months,” said Food
Service Director Jeff Murphy.
سيستمر توزيع وجبات الطعام الطالب المجانية طوال فصل
الصيف في سبعة مواقع من مدارس ديربورن العامة.
تقوم المقاطعة بتوزيع وجبات الطعام المجانية منذ فترة وجيزة
بعد أن أمر الحاكم بإغالق المدارس في مارس. من المقرر أن
ينتهي هذا البرنامج في ١٠ يونيو ، والذي من المقرر أن يكون
آخر يوم دراسي كامل في المنطقة.
ومع ذلك ، تلقت مدارس ديربورن اإلذن بمواصلة تقديم وجبات
مجانية خالل الصيف بموجب برنامج خدمة الطعام الصيفي
التابع لوزارة الزراعة األمريكية.
سيتم توزيع الوجبات الصيفية مرة واحدة في األسبوع أيام
األربعاء ابتداًء من ١٧ حزيران/ يونيو. وسيتم تسليم الطعام كل
يوم أربعاء من الساعة ١٠ صبا ًحا حتى الظهر في المواقع
السبعة. ستحتوي كل حقيبة على سبع وجبات إفطار وسبع
وجبات غداء لكل طفل دون سن الثامنة عشرة. كما سيحصل
كل طفل على نصف غالون من الحليب.
ستستمر مواقع التوزيع في المدارس التاليه: المدراس
الثانويه، فوردسن و ديربورن و ادسيل فورد- والمدارس
المتوسطة وودورث، سميث و سلينا إنترمديت مكولوى /
يمكن لشخص واحد أن ياتي الى أي من المدراس المسماة
أعاله وأخد وجبات الطعام ألي من أوالدكم الذين يعيشون
معكم في المنزل.
قدمت مدارس ديربورن مؤخًرا ٦٥٫٠٠٠ وجبة طعام سريعة
لطالبها. يتم تمويل هذه الوجبات ، والتي تشمل الغداء والفطور
، من خالل A.USD .برنامج غداء المدرسة. استخدمت ديربورن
هذا البرنامج لتقديم وجبة غداء ووجبة فطور مجانية لجميع
الطالب من صف الروضة حتى الصف الثاني عشر .
قال مدير خدمة الغذاء جيف مورفي: “نحن نعلم أن عائالتنا
تقدر توزيع وجبات الطالب ، ويسعدنا أن نتمكن من االستمرار
في تقديم هذه الوجبات لطالب خالل أشهر الصيف”.
Parental Partnership with the School is Crucial Because:
Educators + Parents + Students = Excellent Students and Successful Community
الشراكة بين أولياء االمور والمدرسة أمر في بالغ األهمية ألن: المعلمين + أولياء االمور + الطالب = طالب مميزين ومجتمع ناجح

Transition for Next Year!

Hello Families,

Wishing you all a happy health a fun summer break!

Here are some tasks to work on with your child to make sure they are ready for school in the fall <3 Since we called everyone last week and discussed the transition, we felt that we would share this refresher on our blog. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please let me know!

Talking to Your Children about Germs, Wearing a Mask and Covid-19

I have included some links and topics to discuss with your children going into the fall school year. If we are in the buildings in the fall it is likely your children will have to wear masks as well as the teachers and staff. Please prepare your children for this, otherwise it can be a bit scary/overwhelming if they do not know what to expect.

Tips for Teaching Children about Wearing a Mask

  • Practice wearing a mask in your house before you go in public
  • Talk with your children about how it feels around their ears and that it might be warm to wear. Let them know it is normal and they will still be able to breathe.
  • Help your child get used to the idea that other people will also be wearing masks by making some for stuffed animals or dolls in your home to wear.
  • Use a simple story to explain the importance of the masks. Use the story to remind your children that the other people wearing masks are doing their part to keep you safe, so we don’t need to be scared or anxious when we see people wearing masks in public.

Resources for Families

Sesame Street Caring Communities: Health Emergencies: Ready Rosie: Healthy at Home:  Available in English and Spanish: When I have to wear a mask social story: Someone without Touching: Children feel worried: Children feel worried in Spanish: 

Highlights @ Home

Highlights shares weekly posts of activities you can do during the summer with your children.

  • Puzzles to Solve
  • Stories to Read
  • Active Play Ideas
  • Crafts to Make
  • Ideas for Community
  • Writing, Drawing and Conversation Prompts

To navigate and find more lesson, check their website each week or you can use the arrow at the top of their webpage.

PBS Kids

Click on the link below to explore PBS Kids Learning Resources; virtual field trips, educational shows, learning prompts, and writing activities.

The Dad Lab: Science Experiments

We have used the DadLab throughout our virtual learning, feel free to revisit some experiments or try something new!

Cosmic Kids: Yoga, Meditation and Storytelling with Movement

We have also used Cosmic Kids throughout our virtual journey, if your children loved a video go ahead and revisit it, or explore something new!

Super Simple Songs

Here is the channel Super Simple Songs, as we discussed last week, the more nursery rhymes and songs your child learns before Kindergarten the better they will do with reading!

Art for Kids Hub

Here is the Art for Kids Hub, we have had a lot of positive reviews from parents when using these in our lessons! Explore the page and create

What’s Up Moms: Kids Tips and Activities

Here is the playlist of different Tips and Activities to do with your children. We have done a few of her videos in our lessons and the kids LOVED them!

Read Alouds with Michelle Obama and PBS Kids

Here are the playlists of PBS Kids videos with Michelle Obama as a guest reader.

Wayne RESA GSRP YouTube Channel

Videos of at home learning and ideas throughout the GSRP family

Thursday, June 4th

This will be the final activity post of the school year! I will continue to post resources next week! Mrs. Ahmed or myself will be calling you today or tomorrow to do a final check in.

Literacy and Writing

Think back on our preschool year… what is your favorite memory? Playing outside on the playground/snow, going to the gym and riding bikes, making new friends, going to the Science Center, having the Critter Guy and firefighters visit our classroom? Whatever it is…draw a picture and write about it!

Literacy and Math

Watch the book below! Think of some things you may do and learn in Kindergarten! Make a list of three things…challenge 5 things!


5 to 10 MinutesPlan for Work Time (Playtime):  Build your child’s ability to organize their time by having them make a “plan” with you about what they would like to play with.  Children do this everyday with us at school.  It helps children learn to organize their thoughts. 
They will tell you what they are planning to do/want to play with/how they will use toys at home. (“I want to work with blocks-I am going to build a tower and knock it down.”)التخطيط لوقت العمل ( وقت اللعب): ساعد طفلك على بناء مهارة تنظيم الوقت بوضع خطة  معهم عن لعبهم. هذا ما كان يفعله كل الطلاب كل يوم في المدرسة. هذا يساعد الأولاد على تنظيم أفكارهم. الأهل أيضا يضعون خطط دائما لتنظيم أفكارهم مثل قائمة التسوق قبل الذهاب إلى المتجر, كتابة القوائم تساعد على تنظيم اليوم….. الأولاد سوف يخبروكم ما هي خطتهم/ ماذا سيلعبون/ مع من سيلعبون/ ماذا سيستخدمون من أدوات في لعبهم.
1 hrWorktime/Kids play WITHOUT ELECTRONICS  Kids can use toys to pretend play, build, and create. They use their imaginations and play as they choose.وقت العمل :  يجب أن لا يستعمل الأولاد الإلكترونيات . يستطيع الأولاد استخدام الألعاب التي تساعدهم في  التخيل و البناء و الإبداع 
15 minClean Up:  Kids clean up the mess they have made while playing.وقت التنظيف: ينظف الأولاد الفوضى التي نتجت عن لعبهم.
5 to 10 min Recall:  Build your child’s memory of events by having your child tell you what they did while they played (ask “tell me how you did that” or “what did you do next?”) وقت التذكر: بناء ذاكرة الأولاد و مراجعة الأحداث عن طريق جعل طفلك يعيد سرد ما قام به خلال وقت اللعب( اسال طفلك: اخبرني كيف قمت بذلك؟ أو ماذا فعلت بعد ذلك؟)