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1 Pt and 2 pt Perspective Drawing

Independent Practice: 

Use any of these videos to help you practice with one pt perspective. Complete them in your sketchbook for grading. 

ADV. Painting and Drawing-Still Life: Reflective Surfaces – Form, Value, Proportion, Space, and Texture

GOAL: students will be provided a still life composition that focuses on reflective objects. students will apply all of the elements of art to complete this drawing: line, shape, form, texture, color, value, and space. reflective surfaces: still life

Process Steps

– observe the still life.
– determine how to arrange all of the items on your paper, utilizing the entire space.Image result for reflective still life


– lightly draw the still life – sketch lines or general shapes to represent each item.


be sure all objects are represented before finalizing each item.
– shade each object to best represent the texture, highlights, and shadows. contrasting values will be necessary to successfully represent the reflective surfaces.



Image result for reflective still life

Painting and Drawing-Positive and Negative Space: Tempera



draw from something from nature – leaves, flowers, vines, etc.

divide the composition in half.

one half, they will include all of the details, focusing on lines, texture and other details – positive space.

the other half, they will paint the background and leave the other space white – negative space.

students may choose a color or black & white scheme


bring in an object or use a photo. (How to choose a subject)

– lay out your composition on your paper. use most of your paper.

– draw your object lightly in pencil and divide the composition in half.

– paint the negative space on one half. finish details and textures of the positive space on the other half.

– if you choose to use black & white, use a regular graphite pencil for the drawing side.

-if you choose to use color, use color pencils to complete the drawing side. the lines of the positive side should match the background color of the negative side.

Student will be graded on:


Student chose an appropriate object for this project to draw and paint


All or a part of the object is represented and utilizes the paper well.


The project is done neatly. Paper is free of pencil lines, smudges, folds, tears.

Space and details:

The positive space has details & texture. The negative space is painted neatly and the color scheme matches on both side (color v.B&W)


Time in class was used daily. Questions were asked when problems arose. Student worked to the best of his/her ability. Comments:

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