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All levels of skill (beginning, intermediate and advanced) are taught. Students will experience the use of a variety of tools and be familiarized with drawing and painting surfaces. Students will learn the basics in representational, imaginary, and symbolic drawing and painting by use of perspective, proportion, light and shade, and principles of good composition. Advanced students are given the opportunity to further skills by expanding their comprehension of media potential while being confronted with problems of increased complexity.


  1. Develop skills and knowledge to safely perform in visual arts and demonstrate growth in the skill area.
  2. Create artistic products and meaningful works.
  3. Use course specific vocabulary to analyze, describe, and evaluate Historical, Social, and Cultural content in art.
  4. Make connections between art, other disciplines and everyday life


Focus: Basic elements and spatial characteristics of the elements contour drawing

Modified contour drawing

Culmination – Imaginative composition, from observation

Focus:  Basic principles of design, composition, value and line quality, accurate observation


Positive/Negative space relationships


Hue, Value, Intensity


Use hue, value, intensity in a painting

Use particular color schemes

Concentrate on quality of brush stroke

Laying washes – Flat wash, gradated wash, and backruns

Brush techniques – Dry brush and scumbling


Create illusion of space and form

Parallel and two point perspective

Sighting perspective without using vanishing points


Focus: Color, texture, aerial perspective, and illusion of space


Detailed observation(s), drawing objects from the natural and man-made environment


Students will learn how to mat artwork.

Daily Expectations:
The rules and expectations for my class include all school wide rules and the following:
1. Be on time every day ready to work.
2. Be prepared with your sketchbook, pencil, pen and any other supplies needed.
3. Be focused on the project the entire hour.
4. Be responsible for your own materials and artwork. Always clean up after yourself.
5. Be respectful of others, yourself, and any adults in the room. This includes the classroom, projects, materials, opinions, and ideas.


Good attendance is vital to success in all studio art classes as assignments are done during class time. Major projects do not easily transport home during the creative process for makeup work. This requires missing work time to be made up after school. Please make every effort to be in attendance and focused everyday.


Typical drawing and painting supplies are provided. Students are expected to bring a pencil and sketchbook to class daily (Sketchbooks should not be larger than  9x12in size and can be used from previous art classes. They can be purchased at stores such as Walmart, Target, Michael’s etc.)

Syllabus 2019-2020

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