2017 – 2018

All DHS Art Classes

Staff Availability – Teachers are available for assistance and conferences after school on most Tuesdays until 3:00 P.M. or by scheduled appointment, usually in room L-1.  It is always best to check ahead with the teacher due to staff and department meetings.

Parents, for your convenience the program will allow you to view your child’s progress from your home computer once you have obtained a password from the student office.  Further questions or concerns may be addressed by phone or e-mail.

Fees – In all art classes students will be charged a nominal fee to off set the cost of materials.  Fees are expected to be paid during the first 10 days of the semester.

  1.  Practice the “Core Values” and good manners at all times which includes no bullying!
  2.  The Student Code of Conduct is in effect.  Familiarize yourself with, learn, and practice the appropriate procedures and behaviors as directed in the D.H.S. code book.
  3.   Learn and practice all procedures specific to the art room.
  4.   Planners are required daily.
  5.   “Check yourself”, monitor your own behavior and progress.  Strive for your best performance.
  6.   Observe the phone policy: Red Zone/ No Phones Allowed in classrooms unless instructed by the teacher.  
  7.   No photographs are to be taken in class or shared electronically.
  8.   Green Zone/Phone Allowed in Hallways- during passing time and cafeteria at lunch.
  1. Be seated before the bell rings at the beginning and end of each period.  Upon entering the classroom check the board for directives about the day’s activities, objectives and bell work.
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class, including your planner.  Always have a pencil.
  3. Be courteous, cooperative and responsible.
  4. Food, caps, coats, electronic games, expensive headsets or other unnecessary items are to be left outside of  class.
  5. Identify all of your work with:  your first and last name, class, period, and the date, in a way that will not deface the art work.
  6. Plan ahead.  When materials are passed out ask for all the supplies you will need for the entire period.  
  7. It is expected that all students will exercise good judgment and appropriate behavior at all times.  Under no circumstances should you use paper cutters, knives, gouges or other sharp or potentially dangerous tools without permission, proper information and instruction from the teacher.  Safety First!
  8. It is recommended that you leave valuables in your locker; items such as cash, phones, headsets and all other electronic equipment/games are your sole responsibility.  Keep in mind that you may be moving around the room to obtain a variety of supplies in this class and/or switching rooms.


  1.  MAKE-UP WORK: The student is responsible for completing all the requirements for the class.  Immediately following the day(s) of absence, the student should seek the direction of the teacher after school to find out how the missed work time can be made-up.
  • STUDENT LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION:  All students requesting a letter of recommendation must provide the referring teacher with a complete written list of art activities and classes pertinent to the referral.  Note – a minimum of a one week advanced notice is mandatory for all referrals.  Referrals are only to be used for educational purposes and will be mailed directly to the institution, please provide pre-addressed and stamped envelope.
  • PORTFOLIO PREPARATION:  For advisement and assistant with portfolios see instructors to arrange appointments for scheduled consultations.
  • ATTENDANCE – The newly revised Dearborn High School attendance policy is in effect.  Each Tardy, Late and Late after 15 minutes will be recorded on the computer daily.

You need to be present daily so that you can:

  1. Observe demonstrations of art techniques.
  2. Learn to better analyze, interpret, and make informed judgments about works of art.
  3. Observe and learn from the work of fellow students.
  4. Receive instruction and assistance for decision making.
  5. Contribute to discussions, critiques and brainstorming sessions.   

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher upon tardy or late arrival to class.


Performance in the following areas will affect your cumulative grade:

20% FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT– Daily Participation, Progress Evaluation and Quizzes

PARTICIPATION – In this elective class it is presumed that you will:

  1. Accept each assignment as an opportunity to solve problems in unique, personally satisfying ways.
  2. Be attentive, follow directions, and contribute to group work and class discussions.
  3. Be on task throughout each period.
  4. Accept responsibility for classroom maintenance.

80% SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTArt Production (Final Product), Written Analysis and Tests

Grades for project assignments will reflect the extent to which the student has:

  1. Met the objectives of the assignment.
  2. Used materials and techniques with imagination and skill.
  3. Used originality in the treatment of the subject matter.
  4. Demonstrated ability to describe and explain their decision making process, written and/or verbally.

Students earn grades on a four-point scale:

  1. Exceeds expectations for their grade level
  2. Meets the high expectations for their grade level
  3. Developing towards meeting expectations
  4. Area of concern

✍ I hope you will enjoy this class and find it worthwhile as we work together.

Dearborn Public Schools accept a parent’s assertion that he or she needs language assistance
without requiring additional corroboration. For free help with understanding the content of this
document, please call
the Student Services office 827-3005 for translation/interpretation assistance.
. ية ولفهم هذه الستمارة يرجى التصال بمكتب خدمات :Arabic
تؤكد مدارس ديربورن على توفير خدمات الترجمة بدون أي شرط للحصول على هذه الخدمة المجان
827-3005: الرقم عل الطلبFrench : Les écoles de Dearborn vous offrent le service de traduction sans
aucune condition. Si vous souhaitez avoir le service gratuit pour comprendre le contenu de ce
document, prière d’appeler le bureau de Services aux Etudiants 827-3005. Spanish: Las
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Estudiantes 827-3005 para recibir asistencia de traducción / interpretación. Italian: Scuole
Dearborn accettare l’affermazione di un genitore che lui o lei ha bisogno di assistenza lingua
senza bisogno di ulteriori conferme. Per aiuto con la comprensione del contenuto di questo
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827-3005 për përkthim / interpretim ndihmë. Romanian: Scolile orasului Dearborn accepta
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serviciilor scolare la numarul 827-3005 pentru a primi asistenta cu translatia sau interpretarea
ڈیئر بورن . اسکولوں میں والدین کا دعوی ہے کہ وہ یا وہ اضافی تعاون کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے بغیر زبان امداد کی ضرورت ہے کو قبول کرتے ہیں اس :Urdu. lui
/ دستاویز کے مواد کو سمجھنے کے ساتھ مفت میں مدد کے لئے، براہ مہربانی مدد ترجمہ تشریح کے لئے طالب علم کی خدمات کے دفتر کو کال کریں3005-