Photo 1- Levitation Photography

Objective: Approach photography as a creative and artistic outlet. Have some fun creating dream like “levitation” images.  


Task: Work with a partner or tripod and timer and remote to set up the scene, any props necessary, lighting etc. to shoot a levitation photo.  


This can be done though fast shutter speed and well considered jumping poses or through using a shot with props to “levitate” your subject and a second shot of the background, that can then be combined to eliminate the props.  


  • the pose/posture of the body, drape of clothes and hair etc. are essential for the levitation effect
  • decide the mood/emotion you intend to portray​
  • the location will impact the mood
  • consider changing the tones and colors in photoshop
  • what do you want to say?
GOALS OF Levitation Photography

  • Show that a person is clearly  “levitating” or  mysteriously rising/hovering in the air.
  • Use Photoshop tools to make the photograph look convincing;

  • Includes a person(s) that is the focal point of the photograph (in other words, the person is not a minor detail).
  • Background and subject work well together and the levitating person is easily seen; the background does not compete with the message – There is clear contrast between the two.

  • Attention to detail is fabulous
  • Looks “real” not contrived. (Changing the lighting, adding shadows, etc. helps to do this)

  • Craftsmanship, using Pixlr/Photoshop, is outstanding and professional looking (erasing, cloning, cutting, pasting, etc. is carefully done);
  • Digital Photo-manipulation is done creatively and realistically Image is put together in a unique and original way.


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