4/3/20 Photography Online

Hello Friends!

As you know, we will be going on “Spring Break” next week. Teachers have been asked by administration to refrain from work during this time and to focus on our families.

So, if you are a student that needs help with something –please email me before Friday, April 3, 4:30 pm, so that I can advise you/help you with questions.

If you are joining our class in google classroom late for any reason (which you do not have to explain), you can still join and do all the work. I will give feedback after the break.

If you are a student that has been keeping up all along or have caught up with the work- you are all set until we return & thank you for sticking with it!

Please continue to stay home, stay safe (social distance & wash your hands frequently), and be part of the solution to save lives.

Thank you to all of our families doing their part by complying with the stay-at-home order and for encouraging your learners to work virtually from home. Additionally, I want to thank our families that act as first responders in: health care, law enforcement, food provision, energy, water/waste public works, defense, communication, community government and everyone in the Dearborn Public Schools learning community.

Posterazzi Peace Out Poster Print by Marcus Prime (12 x 9)

Stay safe,

Mrs. Cassidy

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