Intro to 2-D Unit 2 Value

We have moved on to a study of the Value and Space.  During this unit we will be looking at art from the Cubist art movement and observational drawing with a focus on using value to create the illusion of space. The cubist movement approaches the problem of representing 3 denominational space by attempting to show all sides of an object at once on a two dimensional picture plane.

The first formative assessment involved students practicing with charcoal pencils in order to learn to control the medium in terms of light and dark value.

From there we created a simple drawing and fractured the planes by drawing line across the image and background. Students are currently completing the drawing using charcoal pencil to add value.

Internet samples

We will move on to study observational drawing culminating in an all white object  still life drawing in charcoal.

Visit Student Art page to view class projects.



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