2-D Semester Final Project Description

The final exam for 2-d is project based and written. The project portion was introduced and students were required to document their planning process using the following steps:

Task: Create a triptych that illustrates a chosen theme using 2 art media.

Create a new google document. Write the meaning of each term in their own words.

For each word in bold students were to look up the definition and image (google). Record each definition on the google doc. in your own words.

Select a theme from a predetermined list.

Record the theme on the same google doc. with an explanation of what the word or phrase means to you.

Select 2 art mediums from this semester that will be used in the final triptych.

Record the media you plan to use onto the Google doc.

On the Same Google doc. further describe what the theme means and brainstorm how it can be illustrated.

Search google images for inspiration and resources.

Copy and paste the selected images into the google document and describe how they will be used in the final triptych.

Using copy paper create a rough draft of your triptych. Fold the paper in third before drawing.  Remember Each panel must relate to the theme as well as be able to stand alone as a single piece of art.

Photograph your finished rough draft and insert it into your google document. Share the document with me at cassidn@dearbornschools.org.


Note: The rough draft must be submitted prior to beginning your final project.



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