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DuVall Continuity of Learning Plan

DuVall Community,

The staff and I miss you all and hope that you and your families are doing well, staying healthy, and staying safe.  As our journey with remote learning continues, our district has created a continuity of learning plan that enhances the remote learning curriculum that is being delivered at DuVall Elementary.  Starting April 20th, some updates will be taking place. Classroom teachers will continue checking in with their classes using Google Hangouts or Class Dojo and there will be at least 2 live or recorded lessons that will be scheduled during the week.  Classroom teachers and Extended Core teachers will be posting office hours on their blog to support families with questions or who need support with the curriculum. Also, a new grading system will be implemented for the 4th marking period in order to provide feedback for the learning that is taking place.  In the updated grading system, the following marks will be used:  

Meeting (M):  A student has high participation levels in remote learning, is routinely submitting assignments and completing learning tasks, and is regularly attending check in/ remote learning sessions.

Progressing (P):  A student is submitting most of his or her assignments and attending some of the check ins.  

Limited Participation (LP):  A student is rarely or not submitting work, rarely or not attending check-in/ remote learning sessions, or has experienced hardship during the time of instruction.  Support to assist students who are showing limited participation in remote learning will be offered.

Click Here to see a video clip that  helps to explain some of the changes in the 4th marking period.  

Extended core classes (Art, Music, Physical Education, and Technology) will now be using the updated grading system for the 4th marking period report cards.  Please check the extended core class blogs for more information regarding learning activities:

Mr. Tapp (Physical Education)  E-Mail:  tappb@dearbornschools.org

Mr. Goecke (Art)    E-Mail: goeckea@dearbornschools.org

Mrs. Meyer (Music)   E-Mail: meyerl@dearbornschools.org

Mr. Keramaris (Music 4th and 5th)   E-Mail: keramae@dearbornschools.org 

Mrs. Poisson (Technology)   E-Mail: poissom@dearbornschools.org

During this continuation of remote learning, the DuVall staff and I hope to see you all soon.  We hope that you and your family continue to stay healthy, safe, and Penguin Strong!


Mr. Attee

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