Mini Martian 2019

This is the big week! This Saturday the 13th at noon we will run the 1.2 mile finish. All parents of runners should be looking for a letter with all the important information coming home Wed. or Thur. Both schools will wear the shirt provided by Running Fit on Saturday (Make sure to fill out emergency info. on back of race bib before attaching to shirt). Please try to arrive around 11:30 on race day(sometimes parking can be a challenge). Mr.Tapp

Mini Martian Marathon Update

Great News, Both Long and DuVall numbers have taken off! Over the next 4 weeks our teams should be out preparing themselves to make the final 1.2 miles on race day. Between now and April 13th our martians should dedicate time to strengthen cardi-respiratory fitness by getting out and jogging building their endurance. A parent letter will come home the week of the race to provide all details needed for the race. Mr.Tapp

Heart Healthy Challenge

Both Long and DuVall reached our total jumps for each school jumping over 160,000 times. The fun of the event is now over but fundraising will continue until January 10th. All funds will be mailed on that date and all prizes ordered. Thanks for taking part in and being supportive. Happy Holidays, Mr.Tapp

Healthy Heart Challenge 2018-19

Our event will take place all week long December 10th -14th in the gym during physical education classes. The school will be providing both water or gatorade to drink during the halftime of the event. Fundraising will officially be over on Friday January 10th but all funding can be turned in at any time before that date. Thanks for helping your child to be involved in a community event, Bryan Tapp

Kids Healthy Heart Challenge

Week of December 10th -14th

Money collection envelopes due by Friday January 11th.

Your kids will be bringing home a money collection envelope along with a sticker and tattoo. The sticker and tattoo come to life if you download the app to your phone. Our students can raise money both on line or through cash/check donations (checks written to The American Heart Association).Last year we raised over $1,800 to help educate and fund research towards heart disease and strokes. This year marks our 23rd straight event.