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Three Step Process

Welcome to iBlog

To get started all teachers should follow the 3 Step Getting Started Guide.  This will allow you to create your website and connect with your school listing.

Be sure to edit your profile and select your school.  This will ensure parents can more easily find you on the iBlog website.

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Choosing iBlog

  • Classroom News and Homework – Keep parents and students updated.
  • Replace your paper newsletter – Save the environment and cut costs for schools.
  • Post videos, photos, links, documents, and podcasts – Have fun and be creative!
  • Sharing resources – Post your favorite links and share them.
  • School clubs, extracurricular activities, book clubs, and sport teams – You can create a website for, well… ANYTHING!

  • Alerts – iBlog now offers parents and students two ways to keep updated – text messaging and email. Every new blog has a signup form in the sidebar that allows parents and students to enter their email address. Each time you make a new post the visitor will get a message alerting them that the website has been updated.
  • Web Conferencing – Setup your own virtual classroom using BigBlueButton web conferencing. Need to have a quick meeting with a parent? Want to see and hear pen-pals? iBlog provides web conferencing tools which allow video, audio, whiteboard, and presentation sharing.
  • Photo Galleries – Let parents see all the neat and exciting learning activities happening in your classroom. Both parents and students enjoy seeing photos of school events, classroom events, and other activities happening in your school. Use iBlog to create and share photo galleries quickly and easily. You can even upload photos directly from your phone or tablet using the WordPress App.

  • Create as many websites as you need
  • Free phone support, one-on-one training in your classroom, group training, and support for all staff members and schools.
  • Have complete control of your content and privacy settings. You can even export all your “stuff” and take it to another wordpress site such as wordpress.com if you ever leave Dearborn Schools.
  • Add your own domain such as “supercoolsciencedude.com” if you are inclined to do so. (Additional Cost to register your domain)
  • Collaborate with other educators in Dearborn Public Schools.
  • Share ideas and best practices.
  • Powerful learning and communication tools.
  • No advertisements. Ever.
  • No Fees. Ever.

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