Personalize your eNews for Parents

You can imagine the problem of a high school parent who is subscribed to 7 or so iBlog websites and every email is from the same name “iBlog Teacher Website”.  With one quick change you can make a world of difference for parents by simply adding your name to the email that is sent from … Read more

Turn Off Comments/Discussions

You can change the default setting to Comments Off for all new posts and pages.  To do this go to your Dashboard and find Settings > Discussion. Open the Discussion page and adjust the following: Uncheck everything in Default Article Settings Change the Other Comment Settings to turn off comments older than 0 days Scroll … Read more

Help! Students cannot find my site

Scenario: Student searches for you on the main iBlog site and finds your profile.  When they click on your name it says there are no sites available. Problem:  When you first created your website you changed the Privacy Setting to hide your website from search engines.  Guess how your students are trying to find your website … Read more

Delete a Site

I should stress that you DO NOT want to re-create a website every year.  IBlog is designed for you to continue using the same site year after year.  Just login and continue using your existing site and pick up where you left off.  There is a simple way to delete last year’s posts if you’d … Read more

Adding a New User (co-teacher) to Your Blog

There are times when you might want to have multiple teachers using the same website.  In that case you need to know how to add them.  This tutorial walks you through how to do that.

Safely Hide All of Last Year’s Posts

This tutorial will show you how to quickly and safely hide all of last year’s posts so that you can reuse them during the new year.  See the video below. Quick Notes: Go to Dashboard > Posts Select All Posts From Bulk Actions drop down select “Edit” and click “Apply” Change the “Status” drop down to … Read more

Add Lots of Email Addresses to your eNewsletter

You can add an entire list of email addresses to your eNewsletter Subscriptions on your blog.  In this tutorial we will use Google Spreadsheet to gather the email addresses. Step One Go to Google Drive and create a new Spreadsheet.  Add your email addresses in the first column. Step Two Download your spreadsheet as a … Read more

Adding A Calendar to your iBlog

Since we are using Google Apps for Education, you can utilize Google’s Calendar for your classroom website.  Here is a tutorial on how to share and embed your Google Calendar into your blog. You might want to keep one calendar for professional use and one for classroom use to share with parents.  In this case … Read more

Removing Posts from the Homepage

Not every teacher wants to have the latest posts appear on their homepage.  In this tutorial you will learn how to choose which page to make your “homepage” and how to move the posts to another page such as “Blogs” or “News”.  I am going to show you two methods.  Method one is the quickest … Read more

GTW – Google Translate Widget

About GTW GTW uses Google Translation services to instantly translate your website.  This is not human translation but should be considered better than not having any translation. Which languages are supported? Here is the list: Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, … Read more

Transferring Content from Your Old Site

Moving Content from the old iBlog to the new iBlog First things first! Do you really need to bring over ALL your old stuff?  Would it make more sense to just start new and get all the latest features and make a clean start?  Most teachers would be better served to just follow the Getting … Read more

iBlog Mobile Application Installation

Using Your Mobile Device with iBlog This will allow you to add photos and videos directly to your blog from your phone as well as other features such as viewing comments and making posts. Setting Up the WordPress App for Mobile Devices WordPress provides a very powerful mobile app that can be used on Androids, … Read more

Subscribe by Email

Subscribe by email is already activated for your website.  To allow visitors to sign up you must add the Subscribe by Email Widget.  Follow this tutorial to see how to add widgets to your theme. Subscribe by Email for iBlog

Delete All Posts – Housekeeping

Deleting all posts is not necessary but many teachers like to start fresh each year or semester.  This tutorial shows you how to delete posts quickly. Delete All Posts