Transferring Content from Your Old Site

Moving Content from the old iBlog to the new iBlog

First things first!

Do you really need to bring over ALL your old stuff?  Would it make more sense to just start new and get all the latest features and make a clean start?  Most teachers would be better served to just follow the Getting Started guide and make a fresh start on iBlog 2.0.  If you really, absolutely, positively must bring over all your old stuff, you can follow the tutorial below.  If you are unsure of what to do, please contact Chris Kenniburg – 827-3084

Please note that transferring your content from the old site to the new site will only copy content.  Your posts and pages will not be deleted or removed from your current site.

In this process we will transfer every page, post, and document from your old site to the new site. This is a two step process – Export from the old site and Import to the new site. Here is how to do it.

  • Go to your old site’s Dashboard and click on Tools > Export.
    1 export
  • Once you click on Export select All Content and then click on Download Export File.  Save this file to your Desktop so that you can easily find it in the next step.
    2 export page
  • Now go to the new iBlog and go to the Dashboard of your new site.[message_box type=”info” icon=”yes” close=”Close”] IMPORTANT!!!  You should have already created a website following the Getting Started Guide.  If not, please do so now.  BE SURE TO EDIT YOUR PROFILE.  This will connect you with a school and grade level.  [/message_box]
  • On the new site Dashboard click on Tools > Import.  On the page that loads click on WordPress as seen below.
  • 3 importOnce you click on WordPress you will be prompted to upload a file.  Select the file that was Exported from the old site.  This should be on your Desktop if you followed the tutorial.
    4 import page1
  • Once you upload the file, you will be presented with some options.Select your name from the drop down menus and be sure to check “Import Attachments”.  If you do not check import attachments it will not bring your files over to the new site. Be sure to check the box for Import Attachments.  Click Submit and the transfer process will begin.  This will bring over every post, page, and media file from your old site.
    4 import page2
  • iBlog will now go to work importing all your stuff.  Hold tight and wait for the process to finish.  When done you will see a success message.  On rare instances you might get an error message about files that were not brought over.  Please contact Chris Kenniburg ( for help.
    5 done without errors