Weekly Reminder. Visit the DPEB

Don’t forget to visit the Dearborn Physical Education Blog to get your daily information on physical activity and nutrition. Lessons from Dearborn Shines can be found on this link as well to help provide all of our students with fun ways to keep moving. Exercise and movement is good both for our bodies and minds! Mr. Tapp


Friday Lesson/Survey Question and Answers

The more we become comfortable with the on-line assignments the number of questions asked each week has gotten smaller. I will continue to read through any questions asked and answer them either personally or through this Question/Answer post on Fridays. Stay Active,Stay Safe.

Question #1 – Will there be other videos focused on learning left and right?

Answer #1 – Understanding the concept of left and right is critical in all aspects of life so this skill will always be worked on.

Comment – We do this dance while at Camp Dearborn.

Comment – That was a really fun activity.

Week 4 Pictures/Videos

Thanks for sending in any pictures or short videos to share.

Henry doing the cha-cha!
Henry flying a kite.
Gia going for a bike ride.
Gia and Isla getting trampoline time.
Gia and Isla taking their dolls for a walk.
Gia out cutting the grass. Nice job!
Jafar and Abbas having fun!
Rafael and Nicolas doing the Cha-Cha Slide.