DuVall and Long

1. Introduction and background-

Name: Bryan Tapp

Family: Married to wife Melissa and three daughters Quinn(22), Chloe(20), and Kealani(18).

Education: Eastern Michigan University, Bachelors of Science 1995. Master’s Degree in Physical Education at E.M.U. 2002. Health Endorsement, Wayne State University 2009.

Experience: This will be my twenty fifth year teaching physical education and my twenty third year in the Dearborn Public Schools.

Philosophy: Create a positive environment that promotes and motivates students to increased levels of physical activity; Create an environment where winning is secondary while good sportsmanship and best effort are the primary focus; Create an environment that promotes learning about oneself and one’s potential through physical education and health.

2.Things the parents of DuVall and Long should know about their child’s Physical Education class:

A. Schedule- Grade K,4-5 Two periods of 45 minutes a week.

Grades1-3 one period 45 minutes a week.

B. Shoes- All students in grades K-5 are required to wear proper gym shoes for physical education class. Any student not wearing proper shoes will not participate the day they had forgotten them. General guidelines for athletic shoes: closed toe and heel, ankle support, laces/velcro straps and no shoes with the wheels in them. No sandals, boots, dress shoes, crocs, high heels, or slippers. On bad weather days when your child may wear boots to school , please have them bring their athletic shoes to wear in Physical Education.

C. Clothes and Equipment- All grades K-5 are required to wear the proper shoes and socks. Girls shouls avoid wearing dresses on a physical education day. Students should never bring jewelry or any valuables that could be damaged or misplaced. ( This year 4th/5th graders will not be changing into a separate set of clothes for physical education. They should come with looser fitting clothes)

D.Excused Notes: If your child is ill or injured and can not participate during a physical education class please write a note and I will excuse them from that class or as many classes as needed.

E. Discipline Procedure/Progress report- If your child is having a difficult day with their behavior or has forgotten gym shoes a couple of times or more I will send home a progress report to inform you. Please sign and send back to me.

F.Grading- Physical Education teachers will be using the same standard based report cards for performance levels used by the classroom teachers for grades K-8. (1=exceeds expectations, 2=meets expectations, 3=progressing, 4 = area of concern, and NA= not assessed) Physical education teachers will also use the same legend for comments if needed.

G. Educational focus- Grades K-2 Locomotor skills: Movements performed by the child to move their body from one place to another:e.g. run, jump, hop, gallop, skip, slide.

Manipulative skills: Movements involving the hands and feet to project or receive objects:e.g. kick, throw, roll, strike.

Balance: Static and Dynamic

Object control skills: Batting, racquets

Grades 3-5 will also concentrate on the above mentioned skills with the inclusion of a strong emphasis on fitness related activities.

H. Expectations-

1.Students will come prepared for every class.

2.Students will follow class rules.

3.Students will develop body awareness, knowledge of sports and health related concepts, and demonstrate sportsmanship.

I. Extra Programs- We will take part in the following programs.

Jump Rope for Heart, ACES, Bowl for Life,Mini Martian Marathon,Field Day, and the Bob Cipriano Run

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