Physical Education Assignments

The following assignment is due by the Memorial Day weekend on May22nd. This assignment can be turned in early (I prefer) to allow me more time to evaluate. The assignment is a fitness log chart with space for 16 days. The district is suggesting a minimum of 10 (grades k-1) to 20 minutes 3 to 5 days a week for all grade levels. I have listed numerous links and videos to help guide you, or you can simply walk and do exercises in your house or backyard. I will also write a weekly plan for all my students if having a precise plan works better for you/children. Students are required to fill out lesson surveys during the week after completing a lesson/exercise. This will not take long but it is crucial to help me monitor participation. When you have completed the log assignment send a photo of the completed chart to Have fun with this activity (send me a photo and I will put it on Tapp’s Turf with your parent’s permission). Mr.Tapp