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“Happy Stache” Behavior Monitor

This year at Duvall and Lindbergh, I am introducing a new behavior tool used to get the students’ attention in a fun, nonverbal way.  I am hoping it will be the greatest art room invention since the Goeck-o-meter!  Here is how it works.  First, I ring my gong to give students an auditory signal.  Next, I hold up the “Sad Stache,” which is on the back of the “Happy Stache.”  Students then have a visual clue that they need to give me their undivided attention.  Once i have all students’ attention, I turn it around to show the “Happy Stache.”  I told the students that this will prevent Mr. Goecke from having a “bad mustache day.”  More importantly, it is a novel way to get the students focused and ready to learn!

“Leader in Me” Rock Garden

LIndbergh art students have been busy painting rocks for our Leader in Me Rock Garden which will be appearing soon in the front of the building.  Older students utilized a dot technique choosing either the warm or cool colors while younger students painted more simple designs.  Students added Leader in Me inspired positive words to their rocks with collage and paint markers.



The Goeck-o-meter is a dazzling new invention!  It helps students monitor their behavior as a class.  When the arrow of the Goecke-o-meter is on the warm colors (yellow, orange and red), students know they have to improve.  When the arrow is on the cool colors (green, blue and purple), students know they are on the right track.  The ultimate goal is to be on purple at the end of class.  If this happens, the class will earn a mustache on a chart for their efforts.  After a class earns ten mustaches, each student will get to choose a small prize from the Treasure Box for their efforts.  While we expect positive behavior at Lindbergh at all times, the Goeck-o-meter and Treasure Box will help classes keep track of their behavior in a fun way.



Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome!

I am Mr.  Goecke.  This is my new blog for Lindbergh Elementary Art.  Stay tuned for class information and updates as well as pictures of art room happenings.  Thanks for visiting!

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