ART GOOGLE MEETS have ALL been canceled until further notice.

Hi Everyone,

There have been some safety issues with using google meets so they have all been canceled until further notice. A memo went out to the community last week making this announcement from the superintendent.

I have set up two google meets per week for the remaining school year. If you need extra help and have a pressing issue that needs to be addressed see me on google meets.

Q: How do I meet with you Mrs. Reynaert?

A: Go to Select JOIN meeting. Enter REYNAERT ART in the window and I will be there to help you. Use this same code every week for meeting times.

Q: When can we meet?

A: Every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY every week from 12:00 to 1:00 pm-These events are canceled until further notice due to superintendent.

The Color Wheel Challenge

Photo of a color wheel made with found objects from around the house

The idea is simple… gather items in bright, solid colors from around your home, assemble them into color wheel order, and snap a pic! Then send a photo to Mrs Reynaert in your

Here are a few tips I learned while putting my color wheel together…

  1. Start assembling your color wheel as you find things. Pick a spot where you’ll have good lighting for your photo – you won’t want to move it once you have it all assembled!
  2. Using something round as a template is helpful.
  3. I used a round coffee table and stood on our couch to take the picture. But if my color wheel had been any bigger I would have needed a ladder! So keep any size limitations in mind.
  4. I also put a round placemat in the middle to hold that space open and then removed it for the photo. I think that’s easier than trying to make all the colors angle into the middle, but go for it if you’re feeling ambitious!
  5. I liked having brown in the middle, because when you mix all the colors together they make…. brownish gray! But that’s optional, of course.
  6. Make sure you get the colors in the right order (not optional!)…. Just remember ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
  7. Check your work by making sure the complimentary colors are across from each other…. red should be across from green, orange across from blue, and yellow across from violet. (Fun fact: If you mix any two complimentary colors together you get brownish gray!)
  8. Take your picture from higher up than you think you need to, holding the camera level, and then crop it to a tight square.
  9. Try not to get too carried away collecting things…. remember, you have to put it all back! 😉
  10. Send the photo to Mrs Reynaert in your

Art is an integral and unique part of a child’s core education, developing curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills through study, creation and reflection.

Nicole Reynaert
Bryant Art Teacher

LEGO Artist voting results

Hi Everyone,

The favorite 1st place artist is: Matt Slagle

The favorite 2nd place artist is: Marcel Bonnici

The favorite 3rd place artist is; John Muntean

The favorite 4th place artist is: Dante Dentoni

The favorite 5th place artist is: Duncan Titmarsh

The favorite 6th place artist is: PJ Catalano

The favorite 7th place artist is: Shari Austrian

The favorite 8th place artist is: Brack Lee

Welcome back everyone!

LEGO’s, LEGO’s, LEGO’s is this weeks topic!

Please go to your classroom to find the lesson. It is due this Wednesday, April 15th! I hope you like the lesson. A lot of you sent in “selfies” with Lego images or talked about Lego’s in your “selfie” explanation.

Step 1. Watch Youtube video

Step 2. Answer the questions in complete sentences.

Step 3. Submit answers in please

All art students

The new lesson is posted on You should all be enrolled by now. If not, please go to the March 13th blog entry and find your code. PLEASE COMPLETE LESSONS IN CLASSROOMGOOGLE.COM AND CLICK “TURN IN” AND OR “MARK AS COMPLETE” when submitting all lessons. Emailing me the lessons will no longer be acceptable (once everyone figures out the kinks!).

The 1860 Telegraph verses 2020 “Telegraph”.

Today’s lesson #3= compares the definition of a Telegraph to a painting from the DIA called, “The Indian Telegraph”, 1860, by John Mix Stanley, oil on canvas. Please go to and follow the directions. email me for questions. This is due April 2nd; Thursday of this week.

Please take a look at your grades. They are all updated on mistar and ready to be posted as final grades for card marking 3.

Card marking ends today

Hi Everyone,

The card marking ends today.

8th grade art students; some of you still need to turn in your totem pole paper. That is graded and on this CM. Please make sure you are following the lessons on the blog and Their will be a minimum of 2 assignments a week.

7th graders : some of you still need to turn in your 3 paragraph paper the paper mache animals. That is graded and on this CM. Please make sure you are following the lessons on the blog and Their will be a minimum of 2 assignments a week.

6th graders: Please make sure you are following the lessons on the blog and Their will be a minimum of 2 assignments a week.

All art students

I have posted another lesson on Please see the March 13th posting to see your classroom codes. You should copy and paste the code to make sure it is correct. I reposted the codes below too. For March 23rd’s lesson; if you do not have access to a smart phone or camera on a computer then copy and paste an image that meets the lessons requirements.

Hi Everyone,

Here are you codes to join google classroom for art class. Please make sure to enter the correct code.

Reynaert Art 8th Grade 1st hour= 4u4mksa

Reynaert Art 8th Grade 2nd hour= drg3c5n

Reynaert Art 7th Grade 3rd hour= owzsbof

Reynaert Art 7th Grade 4th hour= nizttjx

Reynaert Art 6th Grade ADAY= kwlyjqc

Reynaert Art 6th Grade BDAY= zefyqsv

All art classes

All google classrooms are up and running.

Hi Students,

I hope everyone is keeping healthy. I see many of my students are not signed up for so please make sure you do that. All classes for art have an assignment due tomorrow March 18th. Please look at the posts from Friday March 13th so see your classroom codes. Copy and paste instead of manually putting in the codes when you sign up. The grade book will be updated this Friday. Stay healthy.