6th, 7th 2D, 8th 2D art

6th grade:  Students should be done with the glue resist step.  Students will start blending pastels for the base coat colors and then apply oil pastels over base layer to create depth.


Landscape Composition using trees w V’s= Click link to see CRITERIA for lesson.

7th grade 2D:  

Students are finishing 2D shapes vs. 3D forms today.  8 story problems that should look very 3D.  7 values in each composition are required.

Story Problems 7th grade machine= click here for the list of 8 story problems with directions

8th grade 2D:

Students completed the “Within Reach” collage lesson.  This is connected with the PTSA Reflections theme this year.

8th grade collage= Click here to see Criteria/Directions for lesson.

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