Covid-19 Resources for Students and Families


Resources for keeping a schedule/routine: 

During these times there are a lot of unknowns. Creating a simple schedule or an attainable to-do list can be a good way of keeping children on-task and aware of what is coming next. Here are some resources you can use to create one that will work for your family.

Fun ways to keep children busy at home:

At Home Social/Emotional activities for children: (mindfulness, how to manage stress and anxiety, emotional regulation) 

-Board Games with family members- practicing taking turns, how to win/lose, working together

-Discussing feelings as a family 

-Dinner conversations- High and Low of the day…

-Keeping a journal to write down daily thoughts and feelings 

Self care for parents:

Talking to children about Covid-19:

Other Covid-19 Resources (Food, Housing, Unemployment, etc.):

Dear Snow Families, 

Please feel free to reach out at any time. My email is We’ll get through this one day at a time! 

Kathleen Bridges

Snow School Social Worker 

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