Scientist of the Week

Our class loves science and we are going to have a Scientist of the week!  Each week a student will be selected to prepare an experiment to present to the class.  It can be any experiment they wish to share.  Students may find ideas from books or the internet (they may use a book or the internet (search Bill Nye the Science Guy or kid experiments).  Students will know they are the scientist on Monday and present on Thursday morning.


Paulius was our first scientist today and he did a great job!  The class loved it!

Reading Reports

Today a NON-Fiction report form is coming home.  The book choice MUST be informational text.  It is due on Friday.

If your child did not turn in last week’s report another copy came home today so they have 2 reports to complete 🙁

Today we went to XTRAMATH.COM and took the pre-test.  Students were all able to login and begin practicing their addition facts.  Please check the blue folder for a direction sheet to login at home.  This is a great cite for math fact practice and students want to master the facts and become a Math Master!

This week we will be learning:

Science–We will be learning about shadows.

Social Studies–We will be learning about the regions of Michigan and the regions we belong to in the U.S.

Math– We will be learning about time/elapsed time, number patterns, and fact families

Writing– We will continue writing personal narratives, working on paragraphing, how to end a story, and using quotation marks.

Reading– We need to read Good-Fit Books every night to strengthen our skills.  Also please question your child about what they are reading, this helps their comprehension.      Students will need a non-fiction book this week for the book log and report due on Friday.  The report sheet will come home on Monday.

Spelling- long and short /o/sounds

Cursive– We continue learning cursive writing

Test Taking Skills–Mrs. Philpott and I are teaching the children some test taking skills so they are ready for the MEAP test in October.

We have a late start day Wednesday and an assembly on Bullies

Have a wonderful week-end!

Come have coffee with the Principal

You are cordially invited to…

Coffee with the Principal

When:            Thursday, September 26th

Immediately following drop off

Where:           The cafeteria

Why:          To provide an opportunity to share information & ask questions

Hot Topics:

  • Special guest Sgt. Stephen White from the Dearborn Police Department to suggest a solution to our traffic congestion
  • New PBIS Behavior Color System
  • Title I

Reading Homework

A Graphic Organizer came home today for a Realistic (a story that COULD really happen) Fiction Report.  It is due FRIDAY so please work a bit each night on it.  Please make sure it is a “Good Fit” book – not too easy for your child.  The book log is to record daily 20 minute reading.  Use one row for each day.  Third graders should be reading easy chapter books or longer picture books. Book Logs will be checked on Fridays with the reading reports.

The week of 9/16

This week is very busy! Tonight at 6:30 p.m. there is a meeting on the Dearborn Public School Bond issue in the Media Center. Tuesday: we attend the Book Fair.

Thursday: Open House 5:30-7 p.m. Please come and visit our classroom.  I will have a sign up sheet for helping on select Wednesday mornings during assemblies.  Conference sign up will also be in front of the main office.  I hope to see you there!

This week we will be working on the following:

Reading: Personal strategies we need to become stronger readers.

Social Studies: Natural and human characteristics of our environment (Natural: trees, weather, human: buildings, streets).  Constitution Day is Tuesday!

Science: Light and sound

Writing: We are completing a Personal narrative selections which include: dialogue, problem, solution (ending).

Math: numbers, digits, patterns, addition/subtraction skills (Please try XTRAMATH.COM at home!

Xtra Math pin numbers

In Monday we will begin Xtra Math in class.  If your child had done xtramath before please try it today for the practice test.  Go to and login in.  You will need my email: and your child’s name and pin below.  It is great fact paractice and should be done 5 days per week.


  • Anthony7835
  • Braylon5832
  • Brooke0786
  • Carlos4607
  • Daysia6371
  • Emma5132
  • Gavin4127
  • Indira9249
  • Joshua7367
  • Logan7742
  • Lucas7424
  • Maddon3688
  • MadelynC1234
  • Malayna7350
  • Mollie6801
  • Mykalyn1229
  • Paulius6194
  • Sydney7162
  • Tommy8817
  • Tyler1105