Thursday: Moby Max Winner Luncheon and Open House

On Thursday will be the Luncheon for the students who BEAT THE SUMMER SLIDE in the Mobymax Challenge!  These students worked in the summer to continue learning on Mobymax!

The winners are:

Sophia Tran
Kevin Lane
Christian Socia
Charlotte Beauchamp
Mahdi Khalaf
Malak Bazzi
Hussein Bazzi
Sydney Davis
Jason Smith
Gabriel Beauchamp
Kasey Tran
Hashim Shareef
Rianna Muhsen
Emma Zhutaj
Sarah Khalaf
Hussain Ali
Johnny Williams
Sana Aldwake
Hasan AbuSalim
Saleel Aldwake
Victor Canales
Eva Masters
Margaret Kanclerz
Ayah Saleh
Saeed Othman



Thursday is also OPEN HOUSE from 6-7:30 come meet the Snow Staff and see our great school!