8/15-8/23 Top Readers

I see more students are reading on MYON these last few days!

Here are the top readers:

Lara Elhajj (6+ hours!)

Sophia Tran (6+ hours!)

Joseph Muscat

Jeremy Paddock

Arlind Sadiku

Malak Bazzi (KDG)

Braden Bonza

Molly Chihry

Abdu Eljahmi

Hussien Fakih

Joaquin Franko

Adam Litton

Aiden Litton


I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday September 6, 2016!

Myon Top Readers for 8/8-8/15

4th Graders continue to have the highest percentage of readers in the entire school (5th Grade is going to be awesome in the 2016-2017 school year!).

Top Readers this week are:

Lara Elhajj (3+ hours)

Adam Litton (4+ hours)

Aidan Litton (5+ hours)

These students have read an hour or more this week:

Julia BaumanButtolo

Hussein Bazzi

Malak Bazzi

Sebastian Beauchamp

Kiera Catris

Molly Chinery

Hussein Fakih

Roubana Fakih

Joaquin Franco

Jason Smith

Avery Morrow

Charlotte Beauchamp

Yousef Hrisseh




M&M Readers fro 8/1-8/7

Sorry for missing last week!  Summer has been so much fun, I lost track of time!

So here are the top readers this week:

Malak Bazzi

Dylan Davis

Charlotte Beauchamp

Gabriel Beauchamp

Sebastian Beauchamp

Kyle Billington

Sophia Tran

Hussien Fakih

Way to go readers!  If you were in Mrs. Majetic’s Class last year your class is reading the most in the entire school!


If you have photos you would like to share email them to me at bushm@dearbornschools.org and I will post them to the blog.