Avoid the Summer Slide Challenge

The Snow Summer Slide Challenge will begin June 15 and run through September 8, 2018.


Students please work on the curriculum areas you choose but focus on math, reading informational and reading literature.

There will be a celebration the week of September 10th for the top students.
Chekck out my blog for leaders!

2 thoughts on “Avoid the Summer Slide Challenge

  1. Jill says:

    I have having trouble signing my daughter up on her MOBY MAX?
    Abigail Alsobrooks

    • NIcole Bush says:

      The first thing you have to do it log off whoever is has login. Clever will not allow a person to enter if there is not a Dearbornschools.org email. To do that go to your email, in the upper right corner there is a cirlce with your picture or your innitial, click on it and then click add new user. Now have Abby login, go to Clever and then Mobymax will work.

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