Reading Challenge Winners!

Congratulations on achieving your goal to be the students with the highest number of minutes and points on Moby Max and Myon!
Sophia Tran
Bilal Mackie
Bilal Hernandez
Arlind S.
Mina A.
Alyissa Seelig
Leah Kumm
Ryan Lakis
Saad Aldulaimi
Jude Cooper
Julia BaumanButtolo
Wakil Nagi
Moby Max
Hussein Bazzi
Aidan Litton
Adam Litton
Malak Bazzi
Tia Hammoud
Mohammed Kassem
Mohamed Nagi
Ave Kurczewski
Lily Asher
Rayan Elamarti
Celine Abi Nassif
Hassan Dakroub
Blake Kurczawski
Hassan Beydoun
Saeed Othman
Everyone listed will receive a pizza lunch on Thursday 4/13/17.  The top 2 from each group will also receive a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift card.

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