This Week

We only have 6 more weeks of school and they will be very busy!

Monday 5/5-Thurs. we will be continuing to take the SBAC practice test. This test is only to observe how students handle the content and technology. NO GRADES Will be given.

Wednesday we have an assembly called Lincoln’s Life

All week The Card and Flower Palace business will be receiving shipments and preparing our products to be delivered on FRIDAY 5/9. This has been a great way to get students excited about economics and the academic vocabulary that is critical (import, export, interdependence, shortage, quality control, assembly line, scarcity). Thank you for all your support and if you are available to assist with deliveries on Friday at about 10 a.m. please let me know.


The Special Someone Tea is Friday at 2:30 please have students DRESS UP for this event.

Math/Science- we are continuing multiplication of 2 and 3 digit numbers. We have discovered if simple facts are not memorized these larger numbers are much more difficult. In Science we are focusing on living things and the Scientific Process to conduct experiments.

Writing/Reading: we are taking research notes using different sources: VIDEOS, text books and online sources.

THURSDAY May 15 is Math Night at Whitmore. Please mark your calendar for 6-7 p.m.

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