2 thoughts on “Book order/field trip

  1. Jenna says:

    Hi Mrs. Bush.
    *Lucas did not bring home the field trip information on Monday. I asked him to request another, but he may have forgotten. (He’s asleep now, so I can’t ask him!)
    *When Lucas is preparing his homework folder, he seems to be putting the checked work on the left side, marked ‘return to school’. If there is a yellow check on the completed work, should we be keeping it at home. (I have been, but just wanted to be sure this was what was expected).
    *Lastly, I just submitted an order for a library of Magic Tree House books. This is for Lucas @ Christmas. If you could please keep this order in your room, or maybe the office, Jim or I can pick it up from you? Thanks! Looking forward to conferences this week.
    Mrs. Zelek

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