Conference Times

Conferences with Mrs. Bush
11/14                                      11/20                                                            11/21
4:00 Daysia                      4:00 Malayna                                            4:00 Abby
4:20                                     4:20 Sydney                                              4:20 Paulius
4:40 Carlos                       4:40 Tyler                                                   4:40 Logan H
5:00 Angelina                  5:00 Madelyn                                           5:00
5:20 Josh                           5:20 Mykalyn                                            5:20
5:40 Indira                       5:40 Brooke                                               5:40
6:05 Lucas                        6:00 Mollie                                               6:00 Maddon
6:25 Gavin                        6:20 Logan D                                             6:20 Anthony
6:45 Emma
If you do not see your child’s name please email me ASAP.
Please be on time as you can see the schedule is very tight.

5 thoughts on “Conference Times

  1. Laurie Gallo says:

    I do not see a scheduled time for Tommy Draus. I do have a time for Olivia in Mrs. Philpott’s class on Thursday Nov. 14th from 5:00-5:15. If there is any chance you could squeeze us in around or near that time, i would greatly appreciate it. If not, the please let me know when would be convenient. Thank you!

  2. Braylon Real says:

    Braylon’s brother has conferences on November 20th at 4pm. If there is any way we could coordinate with that I would appreciate it. Please let me know. Thank you.

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