Next Few Weeks


Please understand the electronics will be locked but I will not be responsible for any damaged equipment.  ONLY send in items your child regularly uses at home and it needs to be in a protective case.  Do not send in the family iPad unless you are sure your child can handle the responsibility.  NO INTERNET will be available so games must be loaded on the device.  If your child does not have a device he/she may use one of the classroom devices.


Reading: We are focusing on Character traits (generous, mean, shy, intelligent) and evidence in the story to support these traits.  We are also talking about making a picture (movie) in our brain while we are reading to help us comprehend the story.

Math: measurement using rulers, yard sticks, centimeters, meters, area and perimeter of rectangles and other shapes.  Practice with a ruler at home would be helpful.  Rulers are great stocking stuffers if you do not have one at home!  XTRAMATH scores will be used for report card computation grades, this should be done every night at home to practice! Multiplication facts are coming…

Social Studies: Michigan geography, natural resources and the first people to come to Michigan.  Talk to your child about our region and that we live in Wayne county!

Science: Light and Sound

Writing: Opinion papers that have a strong beginning and 3 reasons to support our opinion.  We will be writing about Wind Mills in Michigan are they a good energy option? Are they not a good energy option?

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