Halloween Celebration on 10/31

Ms. Ciantar needs some donations for a fun science activity that will be part of the Halloween Celebration.  We will need:

1 bowl of cooked cold spaghetti


peeled hard boiled eggs (4)

25 grapes

a nut cracker

chain (like a bike lock)

If you have other items that we could borrow for the 5 senses please let her know.  I will return all items that day after school.

We will also need bags of candy donate for taste tests and prizes.  If you have any other ideas please call Ms. Ciantar at 313-530-3770.

Otherwise email me to let me know what you can donate!

Thank you!

One thought on “Halloween Celebration on 10/31

  1. Carmen Gourlay says:

    What day is this needed??

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