Math Test/Book Log

Please look over and sign the Math test that comes home today.  Please review with your child any mistakes that he/she made and return the test tomorrow.  PART A are the focus objectives and PART B are items we will continue to work on and are not graded on the report card yet.  PLEASE focus on PART A results!


Book Logs are coming home today.  Some students are doing a great job filling it out 5 times per week, some students are not .  Please check this log weekly and ask your child for it to sign!

One thought on “Math Test/Book Log

  1. Debbie Ciantar (aka AJ's mom) says:

    Hmmm … That’s funny! I’ve asked Anthony the past two nights what the deal was with
    “No book report” sheet & no “reading log” in his book bag. So is there a book report due
    This week also that we “don’t know” about?? Good thing I made him read tonight and
    decided to start our own log!

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