Homework Mission

The following note came home today about daily homework.  Please read and have your child meet these goals.  Reading logs will sent home MONDAY.


Our Mission Statement

First we will focus on learning.

Second we will always try our BEST by being respectful, responsible and safe.

We will complete quality work in math, science, social studies, reading and writing.


At home Team 208 needs support to complete this mission.

At home I, _______________________________________________ will carry on my mission by doing the following 5 days a week (everyone needs time off!):

#1. Read 20 minutes and complete a weekly book log/report.  Students may choose the books BUT they must be a GOOD FIT (not too easy) and every other book will be non-fiction (magazine article, newspaper article, information text).

*Third grades still love to be read to by adults and we support this wonderful family activity BUT the 20 minutes stated above are the student reading.

#2. Math Homelinks and games on EVERYDAYMATHONLINE.com

#3. Xtramath.com or Digitwhit.com   Student logins/passwords will be coming soon.

#4. Spellingcity.com is great for spelling practice, grammar skills and handwriting.  We will begin cursive soon and Spellingcity.com has some great practice pages.


Thank you for your commitment to our mission!  Please keep this mission posted in your home.

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