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Revise for chess

Learn opening gambits, middle game strategies, and end game tactics.

Week 2 – 2/5 – 2/7

You will learn so much in this class! We will finish up unit one and start on unit two today. Remember, let me know if you need to miss a class. You can text me at 248 7430556.

Week 1 – Class

Each lesson will contain our goals–and the rest of these steps.

Week 3 – Feb 12 –

Lesson: Student book   pages Let’s go shopping – Review of previous work Competencies Identify types of retail stores Make purchases and read receipts Identify articles of clothing Describe clothing Describe items in a store Grammar Simple present: shop Questions and answers with be Singular and plural Possessive adjectives Adjectives Simple present: want How much is…

Week 4 – 2/7 –

I hope you used your lesson cd’s last week. We finish our review tonight of Basic English. We will start to use our workbooks this week. Click here for Words to Learn sheets.

Week 5

Mr. Neff’s phone number is 248 743-0556.  His email is On 2/6-2/8  we worked on English words and started to review Basic English. This week, we will start to review all Basic English. We will only use the Cambridge Basic Workbook though.  This is what we will build on.  We will review a great…

Week 6 – 3/5-

Welcome to esl class!  You will have fun working with others. You will learn so much here! Be sure to be here for each class. You don’t learn when not here.   If you attend all classes and take the tests, you will pass the class.  (You can text me at 248 743-0556 if you…

Week 12 – 12/10/18

Sample App. #1 Sample Application – Sample Application 3 – This land is your land – karaoke  

Week 2 – High Beginning English sends out text messages if class is canceled. Are you interested in this? Are you interested in learning more English nouns? Duolingo and Mango can help you to learn English.

March 9th – 11th, 2018

This week, we will work on pages 52 to 62 in the workbook. This week, we’ll also work on pages 57 to 62 in the textbook.