Week 2 – 2/5 – 2/7

You will learn so much in this class!

We will finish up unit one and start on unit two today.

Remember, let me know if you need to miss a class. You can text me at

248 7430556.

Second week of phone use. (Hey, if you click on Unit 1 above, the calendar for the semester is there.)

Do Module 2 on courses. (Level 4 is Low Intermediate.) I already love this class! You are all so smart!

For Vocabulary Practice, do all of them–and take notes on words or phases you might use.

(Oh, brother, you will need to allow / ENABLE the microphone on your phone for this.)

For the English for Special Careers module, pick two careers from the Hospitality & Tourism. Do them.

For grammar, guess on answers but really study the answers. Check your answers. It will all make sense in time–if you hear English each and every day. English is hard, but learning it is worth it.

It will get easy in time, but it’s a life-long process. (After 60 years, I’m still learning English words. Serious.)