Month: December 2015

Made with Code Programming

The new site,, is phenomenal if it’s used on a quick computer. ┬áThe site is geared toward girls but it does feature the Pixar characters from Inside Out for some of the blockly programming.

How to teach keyboarding: TypingClub’s Leaderboard

Although Typing Club only hangs on to student typing progress for thirty days, the ad’s are less distracting. (Many of the ad’s seem to be geared to parents. The students don’t seem to notice these.) I’m using the Typing Club management now as a trial. It has a leaderboard that many students seem to love….

How to teach keyboarding: TypingWeb

  Many of us have used with the students. It seems to me that the ad’s are getting distracting. (Last year, one of the ad’s that popped up had a man with no shirt in plain view that was impossible to overlook.) Although the program is wonderful in many ways (and classes can be…