Week Four – Classroom notes

Mr. Neff’s classroom notes Homework assignment: use Google translate to look up the words on the vocabulary sheets I gave you. Write the Arabic version of the word or words on the sheet. Try to use each word in a full sentence. Use your phone to interview a friend or relative. Record it. Ask them…

Week Number 3

Welcome Lebanon Slides Iraq Syria Can’t see this? Click here Palestine

Week Number One: 1.30 – 2018

Be sure to be here for each class. You don’t learn when not here. (You can call me at 248 743-0556 if you have an emergency.) Here’s our schedule for the semester. January 30, Tuesday ESL/ABE/GED evening classes begin February 1, Thursday ESL/ABE/GED day classes begin February 13, Tuesday Adult Education registration Ends February 19-23…

Week 16: Dec. 19-21

Make a full set of slides to review for the vocab final or review computer lessons on the GCF website: gcf learn free, and mouse tuturial and typing games. You may also write about a child, a hobby, a favorite place, favorite country–as well as a business letter and a personal letter.

Week Number 14: 12.5-12.7.17

Computer vocabulary review. Coursebook Review for final exam.

Week Number 8: 10.24 – 10.26.17

  Teaching Text Dependent Analysis Please work on your typing, your workbook, or the following videos. Computer Skills in Spanish 1 Computer Skills in Spanish 2 Overview of Computer Skills in English By the end of October, I’d like everyone to be done with the first four chapters in the workbook.

Week Number 7: 10/17-10/19/17

Word Lessons Click here for the first       Microsoft 2010 Word tutorial. Click here for the second Microsoft 2010 Word tutorial. Click here for the third      Microsoft 2010 Word tutorial. Click here for the fourth    Microsoft 2010 Word tutorial. Click here for the fifth       Microsoft 2010 Word tutorial. Powerpoint…

Week Number 6: 10/10-10/12/17

Click here to go through the Technology Basics. Click here to finish the GCF Microsoft Word Lessons. Click here to go through the GCF Microsoft Powerpoint Lessons. Click here to go through the GCF Microsoft Publisher Lessons. Click here to go through the GCF Microsoft Excel Lessons. Sign up for the Alison.com course on Microsoft…

Week Number 5: 10/2 – 10/4/17

Within my blog, go to Slides and read all lessons Then, click here for GCF lessons on Word Use Typing.com Go to classroom.google.com https://classroom.google.com/h and use the code v3t1bz to enroll. Use Wordpad to create a grocery list of everything you’d buy if you had the money. You might also create a doc about how…

Week Number 4: Oct 2-4, 2017

Click on the icon below to go to your writing assignments–if you want to learn to write better.

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