First Week of Mr. Neff’s Level 4 Adult Education Course – Our first Burlington English assignment

Week 1 of Burlington lessons – 2/6/23 to 2/11/23 – 

Student lessons = SL – Do each part of the first lesson.  Complete them.

READ THIS: if you help others, the ones who can’t use their phones for Burlington, you

can skip all or most of the 12 tutorials we were going to do today.

  • Personal Information
  1. Listen and speak
  2. Grammar: simple present and
  3. Immigrant success stories
  4. Grammar: simple past
  5. Watch & speak
  6. Grammar: future …
  7. Life skills
  8. Write: write a bio, your lifestory.
  • Vocab Practice
  1. Also complete part 1,3,5,7. Listen to all words. Write them in your new notebook.
  • Careers – Pick 4 careers from HEALTH SCIENCE, 4 out of 7. Do all of those 4.

See this sheet if you need to review Burlington English lessons.

On your phone, you will use  dbn20#  and 12345 to login.

(Use app store or Google play to download the BE app.)See this link for additional tutorials: youtube channel for 4 Burlington English videos.

Next week: using your phone, you will complete chapter one. DOWNLOAD THE APP and INSTALL IT. Use Get it from Google Play or the app store.

Text 248 7430556 for Mr. Neff. My office time is 4:30 to 5:30 on Wednesdays.

(Don’t forget: you can find the assignments here on

Note: use your 20# and your date of birth, #########. Here’s an example 11251959 for me. It’s 11/25/1959?