Unit 7

Vocabulary – computer nouns
Internet – Computers from all over the world connected so they can communicate.
Modem = A tool that connects your computer to the internet.
Link – An object or text that takes you from one web page to another when you click on it.
Internet connection – The system that lets you make contact with the Internet.
Scroll bar – The bar that lets you move to other parts of a webpage.
Website – A place on the Internet where you can find information by using a search engine or an Internet address.
Internet address – The unique address for each web page.
Web browser – Software that lets you connect to the Internet.
Simulation – An exercise that is not real; it is planned ahead of time, with all the possibilities already set.
ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) – A company that gives you a connection to the internet; usually, you have to pay money for this service.
Homepage – The page that appears when you open Internet Explorer, Chrome, or another web browser.
Search engine – A website you can use to look for things on the Internet.

Vocabulary – computer verbs
Browse means to look around on the Internet.
Connect means to make contact with the Internet.
Search means to look for information on a specific topic on the Internet.
To visit a website means to look at a website.

What is the Internet?
The Internet is millions of computers from all parts of the world connected so they can communicate. To join the Internet, you must have an Internet connection. You get one by signing up with an Internet service provider, an ISP. For most types of connections, you need a modem.

Types of Internet Connections
There are different ways to connect to the Internet. They have different speeds and costs. For each type of connection, you should be able to find a few different ISP’s in your area.
A Dial-up connection uses a regular telephone line to connect to the Internet.
A cable connection used the same cable as cable television.
A DSL line is a special telephone line from the phone company.
A satellite connection means that you have a cable that connects you to a satellite dish.
A Wi-Fi connection send the Internet data through the air. No wires or cables are needed.

P. 126. You need special software on your computer to connect to the Internet. This special software is called an Internet browser. You can use the back and forward buttons to move among websites. You can see the address of the website you are visiting in the address bar. You can also type in the address of website you wish to visit like iblog.dearbornschools.org/libraryman. The scroll bar lets you move to the other parts of the web page that can’t see now.