Class Links

Acrostic Poems (writing practice)

Addition-Math Monster

Balloon Pop Subtraction

Capitalization 2nd and 3rd grade

Epic Books

ESL Games


Big Brown Bear

Keyboard Climber

Keyboarding (Cup Stacking)

Keyboarding-Trick or Type

Keyboarding Zoo

Typing Rocket Jr.

Kiddle (search engine for kids)

Kids Government


Maggie’s Earth Adventures-grammar, math and science

Math Lines

Math Man Addition Challenge

Math Place Value

Math Playground (all grades)

Math Playground Addition and Subtraction Games

Math Playground Area and Perimeter

Math Playground Coordinate Grid

Math Playground Equivalent Fractions

Math Playground Function Machine

Math Playground Measuring Angles

Math Playground Multiplication and Division




NWEA RIT Practice

PBS Kids Games

Proofreading for 3rd Grade

Proofreading for 4th Grade

Scholastic Story Starters


That Quiz-Math Practice

Thinking Blocks-Addition and Subtraction

Thinking Blocks-Fractions

Typing Club

Typing Games

Typing Ghosts

Word Bingo



use distelraths k stuff for early first grade


Drag and Drop Sites pizza

Counting sites maxresdefault

Base Ten Numbers

Base Ten Fun  base ten fun

100 Chart  hundredchart

Number Grid Fireworks  fireworks

Fill in 100 chart (bird)  

Base Ten Bingo  base ten bingoPNG

Insects cb

Dinosuars dino

Kindergarten 2nd Half  stock-vector-the-numbers-four-five-six-crafted-of-blue-and-white-snowflakes-on-a-dark-blue-background-324508781

 Base Ten Numbers  base ten   100_chart

Comparing Numbers images

 Money  5269903600

Hour of Code hoc

I learn moodle_m1

Keyboarding Sites kb 

 Mouse Tutorial  mouse tutorial

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