Month: February 2017

Week Number 3: Feb.14-16, 2017

After you’ve worked on your typing practice, fill in the form below and start a Google set of slides. Loading… After this, go into Google classroom and write as much as you can. Google Classroom

Write about your family or write what America should do about our immigrants or write about your hopes and dreams.

Use the link for Google Classroom in the post below–or click on Microsoft Word below to write about at least one of the following topics.  Write as much as you can.  (If you use Word, e-mail it to Mr. Neff when you’ve finished it.  (Use the spell checker. Write about your family or write what…

Welcome to Computers for Workplace Success

  1.a. Go to the mouse practice exercises by clicking below. Mouse Practice 1.b Challenge: go to the vocabulary challenge to test your mouse skills. Click here for the computer words puzzles.   2. Go to typing by clicking on the link below. Complete at least two lessons.         or use…