Month: March 2018

Week Number 9: 3.27-3.29.18

Tuesday – pages 44 to 57 in the textbook, the student’s white textbook. Thursday – pages 43 – 53 in the red workbook. (If there’s time, we’ll start on unit 5 in the textbook.) As always, work on writing out your sentences in your vocab binder if you finish exercises early.  Write the Arabic for…

Week Number 8: 3.20-3.22.18

No test this Tuesday.  Someone from the public library needs to speak with us at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday – pages 35 to 42 in the workbook. Download Hellotalk, or DuoLingo, to your phone if you have not done so.   Thursday – Test.  We’ll also work on the vocabulary words in you binder.  …

Week Number 7: 3.13-3.15.18

Tests Soon on English Skills Tues.&Thurs. Evening classes: March 20,22,27? and 29? Work on writing out a sentence for each vocabulary word. Tuesday, 3.13: We’ll complete unit 3 in the textbook and start the workbook pages. Thursday, 3.15: We’ll finish unit 3 in the workbook and start unit 4 in the textbook.

Week Number 6

On Tuesday, 3.6.18, we finished up to page 21 in the workbook. On Thursday, we’ll finish about ten pages in the workbook, up to page 29, and started unit 3 in the textbook.

Week 5 – 2.28-3.1.18

Your attendance matters. Miss too much and you will not pass the class. Today’s assignment: pages 26 – 31 in the textbook. Do pages 2-25 in the workbook.