Month: September 2017

Week Number 4: Oct 2-4, 2017

Click on the icon below to go to your writing assignments–if you want to learn to write better.

Week Number 3: Sept. 19-21 2017

If you are interested in typing or writing, please CLICK on the following program. TYPING.COM

Week Number 2: 9/12-9/14, 2017

Discuss all vocabulary terms for first three chapters. Use your course notebook to write answers to workbook exercises. Finish all given computer work. If you’re learning English take a look at these sites. Click on them. Daily English Conversation, English for you, English Lessons 4 You, and Jennifer ESL. As always, write down all that…

Week Number 1: 9/5 – 9/7

Fill in the blanks. I am from ____________. I am am online with a ___________ this amount each day: ____________. I started using computers in ____________. Now I love __________________. (Write about what you love about technology.) 1. Write about how you’ve used computers in the past. 2. Write about how you use technology and…

Week Number 3 – 9/18-9/22, 2017

Week Number 4- 9/25-2/29, 2017