Week Number 1: 9/5 – 9/7

Fill in the blanks. I am from ____________. I am am online with a ___________ this amount each day: ____________.
I started using computers in ____________. Now I love __________________. (Write about what you love about technology.)

1. Write about how you’ve used computers in the past.
2. Write about how you use technology and phones now.
3. Write about what you’d like to be able to do with computers.

(Find a partner within the next four weeks. Call me at 248 743-0556 between 3:20 and 5:50 if it’s impossible to attend a class.)
Library terms 1
Library terms 2
Library terms
Library 4
Kendra’s language School
Get a library card so you can sign up for Mango (This is to help you if you need help with English.) You can also study the words on this website: EnglishVocabularyExercises. Click right here to learn conversation skills in English.
Click here for Kendra’s language school if you need to learn more English.

4. Go to typing.com and create an account.
5. Create a report about the country you love it–and all the reasons you love it.

Read for Mr. Neff so that he can get you started working.
Beginner Level:
Click here to learn English on the computer. (Keep a library card as soon as you can please and write down each lesson you do.)
click here to start learning computers.
You will be tested on both your English and your computer skills. You can do this. Put in the time, you’ll learn the English.

Others can also work on their English, if they want to, on the computer as it will help you with your assignments.
Improver Level: we’ll start with workbook exercises and activities.
Advanced Level: This will be all projects as soon as you complete the activities and exercises on your own.