Week 6 – 3/5-

Welcome to esl class!  You will have fun working with others.

You will learn so much here!

Be sure to be here for each class. You don’t learn when not here.

  If you attend all classes and take the tests, you will pass the class.

 (You can text me at 248 743-0556 if you have an emergency.)

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First Common Nouns Six Minute English (BBC)” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>English word list –
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Common Nouns
Six Minute English (BBC)
January 30, Tuesday ESL/ABE/GED evening classes begin
February 1, Thursday ESL/ABE/GED day classes begin
February 13, Tuesday Adult Education registration Ends
February 19-23 Monday-Friday Mid Winter Break – No Classes
March 19-23 Monday-Friday Mid Term Testing for the day time classes
March 22,27,29 Mid Term Testing for evening classes
March 21,26,28 Mid Term Testing for evening classes
March 30, Friday – April 2 -6 Monday – Friday Spring Break – No Classes
April 9, Monday School Reopens – End of Spring Break
May 7,8,9,10,11 Final Testing for Day Time Classes
May 8,10,15,17 Final Testing for Evening Classes
May 7,9,14,16 Final Testing for Evening Classes
May 16, Wednesday ESL/ABE/GED day classes end
May 24, Thursday ESL/ABE/GED evening classes end