Week 3 – 2/21 to 2/25/23

NO CLASS 2/23/23.  (Whenever there is not class, you still need to do the work.

For the grammar sections, just make guesses.  Be sure to check your answers.  Study the answers.  Your test results will depend on how you do on the test–and if you listen to English every day.)

This week, week 3 of phone work, 2.21 to 2.25.23.

We’ll do all of module 3, Getting a Job.

We’ll do all of Vocabulary Process, Getting a job.

Do all 8.  For English for Specific Careers,

Pick 1 career in the Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Section.      New task below.

  • New job: click on READERS and read all of Tales of Arabian Knights

(If the microphone on your phone doesn’t work, ask 2 or 3 students to help you with it.  If you cannot sign into Burlington English on your phone, ask students to help you.)