Kindergarten Update!!! Check out what we have been doing!

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Hello Families!!!

We have been learning so much and enjoying so many great things these past two weeks!!! Check out the pictures and the updates below!!!! We are so excited to share with you the joyful ways we learn in Kindergarten at Salina!!!!

**One quick note! Your children have been doing an amazing job being responsible with bringing their Book Buddy Bags to school everyday! Thank you for helping them practice their letter identification and reading with the contents I send home in this bag! Today, your child received a Library Bag from our Classroom Library!!! These are picture books for you to read to your child! You can also use the pictures in the books to talk to your child and make up stories! In additon, you can ask your child to search for certain letters and “kiss their brain” when they find the letter!! These Library Book Bags are numbered! So when you and your child are finished borrowing the books, please return them in the bag and THEN you child can TRADE Library Bags with another student!!! This is so exciting for them! My hope is that this not only increases the time reading at home, but also engages the children in talks with each other about the books they have read. Most of all, my hope is that these books and all that we do in Kindergarten grows your child’s LOVE for READING and their CONFIDENCE as a READER!!!

**A Second quick note! Friday, October 22nd is the first annual Salina Pumpkin Patch Fall Fun Day!!!! Your child will be bringing home their very own pumpkin that they will paint in our classroom! We will also enjoy some yummy donuts and apple cider! Friday, October 29th is our costume day and party! We will have a parade in our costumes! If your child does not want to wear a costume, it is completely fine!!! We will be making spider hats to wear; as we will be learning information that week about spiders and writing facts about spiders!

OK!!! Are you ready to see some ADORABLE pictures????? Here we go!!! Enjoy!!!

We labeled the parts of an apple!!! We also did informational writing featuring facts about apples!
We learned about our 5 Senses!!! We labled the 5 Senses!
We have fun activities to help us learn and recognize our letters!
We are learning about living and non-living things! We sorted pictures of living and non-living things with the friends on our table team!
Then our team got to use the microphone to tell about our living and non-living posters!
We are learning to write numbers 0-9 as well as count and find a counting path for quantities of 1-10.
We used 9 shapes to show 5 on the top and 4 on the bottom makes 9!!!
We love our dog, Wags!
This friend got to ring the Salina Bell for being a Super Star Student!
We enjoy toy centers as we grow our imaginations and learn to work and play together in our table teams.
We are learning about ways to make three as well as what is an number sentence. (ex. 2+1=3)
We had our first visit to the library! The children checked out books for their book boxes in class.
We are sorting uppercase R and lowercase r.
We are using pictures to retell the story of the Little Old Lady Who Was not Afraid of Anything!
We used real straw and created a scarecrow!
We worked in table teams to build our scarecrow!
Meet Jad the Scarecrow!!!
We did some painting and practiced following directions to create these lovely fall trees using Fall colors!
Our classroom leaf collection grows everyday!!!
We are readers!
We are mathematicians and love our math pages!
We are painting a pumpkin that will turn into a “Bumble Bee”! Thank you for all of your help and support Ms. Jenna!
I look forward to seeing the children tomorrow!!!! Have a lovely weekend!!!!!

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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Look what we have been doing this week!!!

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Hello Families!!!

This has been an awesome first full week of Fall!!!! We have not only been practicing more letters and sounds, but we have been learning to rhyme and count syllable (word parts) in words. We have also been learning about our 5 senses! Use our five senses to learn about the world around us! We see with our eyes, smell with our nose, taste with our tongue, touch with our hands, and hear with our ears! We have been investigating apples! We have learned lots of information about apples and have even done some informational writing about this yummy fruit! We have also learned to write the number 0-5!

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How to translate our blog posts into Arabic

Take a look at some of the fun we have had learning this week!

We are sorting uppercase and lowercase letters!
We are making the letter Ll with playdough.
We wrote thank you notes to healthcare workers in the hospital!!!! Thank you, heroes!!!!
This friend got to ring the bell for having an amazing day of making good choices in the classroom!
This friend got to ring the bell for remembering to color with colors that show how people and things look in real life!
We eat snack everyday with a learning spin! These friends are counting their snack!!!!
We set our personal goals and our Kindergarten learning goal!!!
We have been collecting fall leaves! We are investigating the leaves using magnifying lenses! Thank you, Mrs. Gorman for adding such beaautiful fall leaves to our collection!
We used our sense of taste to investigate and graph which apple we like the best!
We used our birthday cake cards to show a growing number path!
We are learning how to show the number 3 with a number sentence!
This friend got to ring the bell because she showed expectional work during math time!!
We are practicing turn and talk as we practice taking turns telling one fact about apples. We used fake apples to pass after we shared our fact with our buddies.
We love writing!!!
We are playing a game with three cubes. We showed some and hid som behind our back for our table partner to guess!!
We are learning about the number three with the 2D shape called a trianlge!
Thank you so much for all you do! Please remember, we will have a Kindergarten Family meeting in the cafeteria at 9:30 on Monday morning!

Have a love lovely weekend!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Look What Fun We had Learning This Week!

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Hello Families!!!

Take a look at some of the fun things we did this past week at Salina!!! We have been practicing letter identification. We have now been introduced to letters Aa through Jj! In addition to that we have started looking for hidden number pairs within 5!

Before reading the story of Mary Had a Little Lamb, we made predictions of what Mary had in her bag. The children drew their predictions.
We had a friend get to ring the Salina Bell for doing such a awesome job being responsible and working hard to his best at writing time!
We had some friends work together as a team to make this tall structure.
We practiced writing the letter Hh! We circled our best uppercase H and our best lowercase h.
We learned about the differences between non-fiction and fiction books! We sorted books into non-fiction or fiction bins!
We celebrated the first full day of Fall by painting with fall colors! We traced our hands to make these adorable Fall trees!
We made letters that we have been learning with play dough!
These are the contents I sent home in your child’s Book Buddy Bag! Please read the family note inside the bag for ideas and directions for practicing literacy with the items at home! Your child received a book, lowercase and uppercase letter tiles, an ABC chart as well as a bonus 100 chart! 🙂
We used dice and cubes to practice counting with our 5 frames!

We are practicing finding number pairs within 5 using cubes.
We used puff balls and clothes pins to make dip and dabbers to use for painting!
We danced with Captain America as we counted to 100!
We used cubes and dumped out 5 as we practiced counting with a number path items that are scattered.
We had another friend ring the Salina Bell! She did this because she demonstrated much kindness as she helped two different friends who needed help without being asked!
We are writers! We work in our writing notebooks everyday! 🙂

Thank you for all you do!!!!

Have a lovely week 5 of school!!! Happy Fall everyone!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Look What We Have Been Doing!

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Hello Families!

I am so excited to start another week of school with my incredible little friends! Take a look at some of the fun ways we have been learning at Salina!

Last week I introduced letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, and Ee! We also began writing in our notebooks as we practiced following the expectations of writing time! We also got to “read” with our books in our work boxes! The children even went “book shopping”! We have been practicing fluency with counting to five “the math way”…. (pinky first to represent a number line). We also learned about the importance of rules and talked about our country’s Constitution! We made our own classroom constitution that has three main rules! Be KIND, Be SAFE, and Be RESPONSIBLE! We have been practicing what good listeners do and sound like when we are listening to a story being read aloud!

In addition, to all of this learning, we have been learning that school is FUN and SAFE! Families, I adore your children already! I am so blessed to your child’s teacher! PLEASE feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! We are a family together working for your child’s best!

Take a look at the pictures below of some of the super awesome things we have been doing!

We listend to Goldilocks and the Three Bears! The children were introduced to what characters are in a story. We made puppets of the characters to take home to re tell the story of Goldilocks going into the home of the Three Bears.
We listened to David Shannon’s No David! In addition to loving this book, the children drew the charcter David and we talked about making good choices!
We have also been practicing how to use the scissors and glue in our classroom as well as how to clean up our work spaces!
Open House was so heart warming! I love love love the family pictures you all sent in!
We have been enjoying center time! We have been learning to work, play, and communicate with our new friends!
Children are also practicing using their imaginations as they pretend!
We love writing time! the children are learning how to follow writing procedures with their work boxes!
As children pretend and play together, they are modeling many great things they have learned at home… the love and gentleness of taking care of a baby! (Also, this rocking chair has been in my family for 4 generations!) I love that I can share it with my students!
We also practiced “reading” as we used the books in our work boxes. We can read the pictures, retell stories, or read the words. The children will also look in their books as kiss their brains as they find the letter that we have been working on.
We are enjoying making new friends!
In math we have been working on recognizing exactly the same and almost the same. The children colored two bears exactly the same!

We have been learning how to form letters! We are using play dough to form the letter Ee.

September 22 is the first day of Fall!!! Happy Fall, everyone! I am so grateful we can share it together!


Ms. Mehrhof

Student Appointment Times for next week (9/7-10)

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Hello Kindergarten Families!!

I hope your children have loved week one of kindergarten as much as I have!!! Week 2 will be half days as well. We will have individual student appointment times in the afternoon following our whole group class time in the mornings! Here is the schedule for those appointments. 🙂

Tuesday, Sept. 7th

12:45-1:05; Leen

1:05-1:25; Hadeel

1:45-2:05; Reham

2:05-2:25; Saud

2:25-2:45; Shahd

2:45-3:05; Hamzah

3:05-3:25; Ameena

Wednesday, Sept. 8th

12:45-1:05; Musa

1:05-1:25; Amran

1:45-2:05; Ali A.

2:05-2:25; Jamal

2:25-2:45; Faris

2:45-3:05; Issa

3:05-3:25; Jad

Thursday, Sept. 9th

12:45-1:05; Ammar

1:05-1:25; Nagi

1:45-2:05; Ali Sh.

2:05-2:25; Ali Su.

2:25-2:45; Saif

2:45-3:05; Hussam


Here are some adorable pictures of my precious new little friends!

We are playing with our new friends!

We are learning to share as we pretend in the dramatic play center!

We are creating our own Rainbow Fish to help us to remember to that sharing is caring!
We made a teddy bear puppet as we practiced following directions and using scissors for the first time in Kindergarten!!!

Thank you for all you do! Please email, text, or call with questions and concerns you might have! 🙂

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Salina Kindergarten is off to a Super start!

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Hello Families!

We are off to such a wonderful start to the 2021-22 school year! I am so blessed and excited to be your child’s teacher! We will be learning kindergarten academic concepts such as letters/sounds, sight words, reading and writing, math, and much, much more! In addition to these important concepts, we will be learning about how to manage our emotions and get along with our new friends. We will play, laugh, learn….but most importantly, we will love! We will love Salina School, our friends, our teachers, and especially learning! Salina is such an amazing place for your child to feel truly valued and safe as they begin their elementary school journey!

Please never hesitate to reach out to me! Please subscribe to this blog or send me and email with our preferred email address.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

5th Grade Trunk-duation is Tomorrow!!!

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Hello Families!

Tomorrow your child will have independent work to do in the morning on Schoology. The teachers along with the 5th grade families will be recognizing the amazing job the 5th graders did this year!

I will message you all to let you know when we be on Zoom in the afternoon! Have a lovely evening!

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

See the information below regardinf the Trunk-duation Ceremony at Oakman School.

June 16, 2021


The ceremony will include student essays, a video, and much more!

What we did this week in Young 5s!!!

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Hello Families!

We had an awesome and very warm week 38! Together, we made each school day super fun!

Please remember our Young 5s Celebration picnic is for all of the families too!!!! Please be sure to bring a big blanket for you and your family to socially distance and sit on. The children will be presenting their writing as well as singing a song in sign language! PLEASE be sure to join us or send a family member in your place! My students have been paid for. Please do not send in the $5.00 for them 🙂

The picnic is on Thursday June 17th on the small Oakman School playground at 1:00-2:15.

Look at the fun we have been having!!!

We mixed and fixed the sight word saw!
We practiced pushes and pulls in a balloon on a string game!
We have been writing in response to the story we listen to.
We practiced writing an acrostic poem about our favorite colors!
We traced and cut out our foot to practiced non-standard measurement!
We sorted 2D shapes by their shapes!
We drew our dads!!!
We drew our dads!!!
We drew our dads!!!
We drew our dads!!!
We drew our dads!!!

Thank you for all you do! Dads, I hope you all enjoy the portraits your children made for you as well as the acrostic poems about DAD!

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Look at the fun we have been having!

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Hello Families! We have been busy learning and having fun as we approach the last month of the school year!

Take a look at what we have been doing.

We had a birthday treat for our friends!!!!
We are learning facts about elephants! This friend wrote elephants have big brains!
We practiced the letter Jj with Nearpod for the ABC countdown!
We sorted our engineering tools by color.
We used Nearpod to practice the letter Kk for the ABC Countdown.
We drew what begins with the sound of the letter Kk. This friend drew a king and stretched for the sounds to label his drawing!!!!!
We painted lovely butterflies! We discussed the symmetry of their wings. We painted one side and folded over the other to observe a creative symmetrical surprise!
Look at our butterfly wings!!!!
We talked about the meaning of Memorial Day! We also learned facts about our beautiful American Flag! We used 2D shapes to create an American Flag!
We wrote in our journals to answer a comprehension question about our Benchmark story. (What did Mr. and Mrs. Mole use to get in the hole?)
We used the Benchmark emergent reader as we practiced choral reading and using our reading fingers to touch each word.

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

Look at What We have been Doing!

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Hello Families!

The children and I have enjoyed an amazing week 35 of Young 5s! They also took their Spring NWEA Reading and Math tests! If your child missed either test, please do not worry. They will take it this week.

Take a look at the super terrific things we did last week!!

We practiced using our cubes to show the difference when we take 3 away from 8.
We used 2D shapes to create and label animals for our Color Zoo after listenig to L. Ehlert’s Color Zoo! This friend used her 2D shapes to create a giraffe.
We reviewed the letter Ee for the ABC Countdown using Nearpod!
We practiced counting objects to 20 in a circular formation.
We wrote our opinions about what we want.
We drew a picture of what begins with the letter Ee’s sound. This friend drew an elephant.
We reviewed the letter Ff for the ABC Countdown using Nearpod!
We circled the letter Ff on the Smartboard using Nearpod.
We drew pictures of the something that begins with the letter Ff’s sound!
We listened to the story of the Little Red Hen. We stated our opinions about if the Little Red Hen should have shared the food she made with her friends that refused to help her. Then we made a Little Red hen using 2D shapes to hang up at home to help us remember to be helpers at home!
We practiced counting objects one to one up to 20 in a curcular formation.

I hope you all have a lovely week! Thank you for all you do!


Ms. Mehrhof