Happy 100th/101st Day!!!!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Wow!!! the 101st day of school has past!!! We had such an amazing 100th Day celebration!!!

Take a look at the pictures from today and last week!

We made 100th day hats with finger painting by 10s!
We stacked 100 cups! We also ate 100 goldfish crackers and 100 animal crackers!!! (Collectively of course 😉 )
We love to paint!
These friends are 100 years old in kindergarten.
100 years old and still loves legos!
These friends are 100 years old in kindergarten!
These friends are also 100 years old in kindergarten!
Happy 100th Day of School!!! We are shining brighter and brighter each day!!!
We had a lesson in dental health for Dental Awareness!!!
We learned how to take good care of our teeth!
Our One School One Book choice this year is “Wishtree” by Katherine Applegate!!!! It’s such a touching story about friendship and acceptance!
We all got our own copies of “Wishtree” by Kathrine Applegate!!! We are so excited to listen to this book and go on the beautiful journey of the story together with our whole school!
I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!!!!

I am so excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my students! I know they are too! Please encourage your child to wear red or pink tomorrow for our celebration of friendship!

The week’s homework and spelling words have been sent home!

The word family we will focus on for this week is the -et family! (ex. bet, met, set, vet, wet, jet)

We are continuing to work with number bonds and equations for addition. We are also continuing our work with learning about goods and services!

And…..we are starting a new unit in Benchmark! We will be learning that every story has a message! How exciting!

Your child brought home their workbook from Unit 5 on Friday! This is an awesome tool to use for review as well as for reading practice. Your child will love showing you their work and what they learned in unit 5!

Thank you for all you do!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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