Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Hello Families!

I hope you all had a fun and relaxing Spring Break! I am looking forward to all of the learning and fun we are going to have as we head into the last card marking of Kindergarten!

Take a look at what we did before break!

Thank you, Dr. Chochol for coming to read to our class!!!!
Thank you, Mr. Andrews for coming to read and share cookies with our class as well as the Young 5s!
We listened to the familiar story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used pictures to retell the story in order!
We are getting ready to write a personal narrative about a time when we got a new toy. After we thought about the events that happened when we got the new toy, we took turns with our apple buddies saying what happened to prepare for writing and drawing!
We are authors and illustrators!
We compared measurable attributes between two bugs with our apple buddies!
We are hard workers! 🙂
We are observing what sunflower seeds look like before we plant!
We planted sunflower seeds! We journaled our first week’s observations!
We know all plants need water and sun!

This week we will continue learning about sunflowers! We will practice informational writing about these amazing plants. We will also blend and make words for the -it family! (ex. sit, bit, mit, wit, spit) We will be tested on these words during our spelling test on Friday! In math, we identify groups of ten! This will begin our understanding that teen numbers are composed of a group of ten and some extra ones. In addition to these concepts, we will begin to discuss butterflies! We will be raising our own live butterflies in our classroom!

There will be a very important parent meeting for all Salina Families on Friday at 8:30! Please make plans to attend. This meeting will explain our Awesome Summer School program for ALL students! This program is for enrichment! We are encouraging ALL Salina students to attend the summer school program and join us for fun hands on learning activities! I am really hoping all of my students will attend and we can spend time together learning in fun and engaging ways this summer!!!

I cannot wait to see all of my little friends tomorrow! Doodle and I looked on the shores of the ocean for shells to share with each student! 🙂
I wish all who are observing Ramadan a beautiful month of celebration!

Love, Ms. Mehrhof

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