Leprechaun Fun and More!

Hello Families!

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. Happy first day of Spring!!! As with the new budding of leaves and flowers….I am so excited to see what this season holds for your beautiful children as they finish Kindergarten! We are looking forward to a fun week before Spring Break!

This week we will continue to practice blending sounds to make words as well as write and read our heart words! We will continue to learn why we celebrate people and events in Unit 7 of Benchmark. We will also continue to practice decomposing numbers up to 10 and writing matching math equations for these decompositions. Wow! Your children are so brilliant! We will talk about different types of weather and how to stay safe during dangerous weather. This week we will continue to practice narrative story writing!

Take a look at the fun we had last week with the leprechaun trickery!

The leprechaun made a BIG mess in our classroom!!!
The Leprechaun played in the kitchen!
The Leprechaun painted and drew on our boards!
Whoa! The Leprechaun made a huge rainbow mess on the carpet!
The Leprechaun painted our spelling words on the table!
The Leprechaun moved around all of our chairs!
Wow!!! Were we surprised to see the mess!
We made Leprechaun traps!!!!! We are engineers! Thank you, Mrs. Alvarado for the materials to create our traps!
We drew our plans first and then got to work!
We made some pretty tricky traps!
We used rainbows and gold coins to try to trap the sneaky leprechaun.
We had fun making our leprechaun traps!
We made our spelling words with playdough!
We rolled a St. Patrick’s Day dice to graph the pictures rolled with a partner!
We did a directed drawing of a leprechaun! These were adorable!
We ended our week eating leprechaun muffins (green muffins with rainbow sprinkles 🙂 )
We investigated how a rainbow is formed. We put a glass vase of water in the sunlight. The sunlight shined through the water and created a prism on the table showing the colors of the rainbow!
The children are pointing to the tiny “rainbow” they see. We learned that rainbows are created when sunlight shines through a raindrop and is refracted (bended). When the light shines through and is bended we get a rainbow. We also learned there are different types of rainbows!

We learned about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Martin Luther King Jr. in our Benchmark text. We compared the three men and discussed their accomplishments. We looked closely at the penny, quarter, one dollar, and five dollar bills to see the faces of Presidents Washington and Lincoln.

We saw Abraham Lincoln’s face on the five dollar bill and the penny! We saw George Washington’s face on the quarter and the one dollar bill.
This friend is showing us the five dollar bill with Abraham Lincoln’s face on it.
We are excited about learning!
Trustee Jim Thorpe came to our room to read to us!!! Thank you, Trustee Thorpe!
Please send plastic bottle caps to school with your child! Help us collect enough to create this lovely welcome sign for the outside of our beautiful school!

On Friday, PLEASE send your child to school wearing as much red as they would like to wear! We are collecting $1 this day to raise money for charity!

Happy first week of Spring!!!!

Thank you for all you do!

Ms. Mehrhof

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